GTS: Great Teacher Soo (Magneto/Storm) MvC2

You can start Storm instead of Magneto for more than a couple reasons. I don’t think it makes much of a difference who you start. If you’re more of a keep away player, starting Storm would be good. If you like to attack, you have to go with Magneto. You have a 50% or plus chance of catching your opponent in the beginning of the game, and that’s just the beginning of the match.

Storm’s infinite could be ideal in any match, casual or tourny. The only problem is, I don’t think there are that many people out there that can do it on a precise level. Getting them in the infinite isn’t hard at all, and it takes good damage. If you can pull i off, it has it’s usefullness. The only way it would be useless is if that’s all you’re going for and you end up dead. If you can do it well, and end up catching them with a triangle jump lk, feel free to do the infinite.

I would rather have Mags fighting Cable. Magneto should EASILY be able to beat Cable. If Cable does jumping back gun, all you gotta do is dash up, sj. u/f and infinite them. There are so many ways to kill Cable with Magneto, that I advise you to be playful with him. Storm isn’t that far behind though.

sup Soo

I’m having trouble against cable/storm/doom team…i play msp or mag/storm/sent against it…sometimes rowtron. Most of tha time cable fucks my mag up badly with dooms rocks to ahvb…i take alot of chip damage of well…i try to get up in the air to get in close but when i dash i get shot into a ahvb…cable plays pure keepaway while chiping me and ahvb’in me when i make a mistake… sometimes wen i somehow manage to kill cable, storm comes in rushes me down with trijumps…tha sj. jab one…sometimes tha lk ones…then wen she gets a meter she does a hail plus doom rocks which chips a shitload. Oh also he has this trap with cable an storm-Y which chips alot to0. My main problem is just tryin to get in and land a combo w/o gettin shot…any advice??? I’m getting my ass handed to me by this team:(

How would you use mag/strom effectively against rushdown stoppers like Sent ground assist, AA’s esp capcom’s, timed AHVBs, and pushblocking?

good thread so far anyway i suggest we number our questions and i have a few of my own
1.can u Xplain a easy way to do a storm infinite
2.put a storm combo tree if u can with resets

and some helpful comments

  1. with storm psy A grab with the HK and call psy and then otg to a combo( i know u know dat soo this is for others)

here’s a reset:

launch + mag-A, sj hp, ad df,, land, cross to other side, relaunch

haha b6 her inf saved me =]

k, thanks for explaining soo, i’d try that but… i would have trouble using tron on point… u think guile’s aaa would fit ok with the m/s team?

Hey Soo, help out a Magneto rookie.

What’s the BEST thing to do after c.shorts plus Psylocke?
After a successful jump-in?
After throw?

My problem with Magneto is just too many options. I want just one thing to go for in the right situation.

Oh, I don’t see you playing this team much, but any tips for MSS?


When you’re talking about speed and such for Storm’s various triangle attack buttons (which seems to be only jab or short) can you really say that you notice a large difference in speed? I’m referring to the triangle jump with super jump.

Also, to everyone else who’ll take this question seriously because I already know how the pros will answer and how the people that think they’re pros will answer:

When you’re killing someone with Storm, are they able to block the triangle super jump roundhouse but not the jab?

I don’t mean to insult my friends or the random stranger I play with, but I hardly think they’ll even notice the difference because any button I use will still connect.
And again, not to insult them but, I hardly think their reflexes are that good that they would be able to block one and not the other.


Kizzle Soo, gimme some storm OR mag/capcom combos, and I know you got some dirty sexy korean 100%s. :eek:

and also, do you reccomend mag/doom?


Whats better to use… for beginners on at Arcade stick.

THe Slide Method or that Three Finger Method. What basically the easiest reset i can do with Magneto and psy.


MVC2 experts! Do you know what is the tournament speed of MVC2 is it normal or turbo on arcade. What speed should I set my MVC2 game(dreamcast); it has 3 different speeds normal, turbo, and turbo2.

Well, if Cable is calling out Doom AAA, and sj. to shoot you, you can always air dash in between Cable and Doom. In this situation, you should not be using shorts, or just RH to rushdown, or on your way down. You should be using, fierce, RH. To kill Storm with Magneto, you can’t chase her around. If Cable is dead, I suggest you rush her down, with long jump fierce, RH. Doom will get hit by both, and Storm will have to block. Cable/Doom is very annoying, but there’s ALWAYS a gap you can squeeze through between Cable and Doom.

  1. The easiest Storm infinite IMO is the normal jump, dash d/f, short, (hold up) RH (stop holding up), land and repeat.

  2. Like I said earlier, I will post some of her advanced restes later. I promise :slight_smile:

Hi Dasrik. The IDEAL thing to do after short short+Psy has connected is c. short, RH, hyper grab. After that, you can launch, sj. fierce, dash d/f fierce. Once you land on the ground, they will still be on the floor. Call out Psy, and at the same time, normal jump up, dash forward to the other side. Or you can just snap back their assist and kill their gameplan :slight_smile:

After a throw in the corner, I like to do c. short, RH, sj. RH, dash d/f into throw. You will throw them in the air, but close to the ground. Before they hit the ground after the throw, you can do falling short short, normal jump up short short+Psy into hyper grab, or unmashable tempest. By this time, they should be near dead anyway.

MSS. Mag/Storm/Sent I presume. Magneto, rushing down with the power of drones in front of him. Too good. Basically, I call out Sent assist, then sj. u/f, dash d/f fierce, RH. That way, I cover the ground with drones, and the air with Mags or Storm. OR, I can call out drones, and just dash up to them, short short, and by the time they block the second short, they will probably have to block drones. While they block drones, you can rush them down. I recommend rushing down with double shorts with Magneto, unless you’re fighting Sentinel.

The difference between sj. and normal jump rushdown is signifigant enough. I think normal jump rushdown with Storm covers more range, and also enables you from not being able to connect the first lk, with a c. short or standing short. With normal jump rushdown, there is no delay with the second lk, after the first lk you used to rushdown with has connected.

I know of only one person who rushes down with RH. And this guy, he does the infinite using only RH. Triangle jumping with RH is obviously easier to block, since it comes out late. Jab however, comes out very quick. Faster than any other button you can triangle jump with. Hope that helps.

I don’t use Storm or Mags with CapCom. And the ones I have in mind, would do you no “Justus” :slight_smile:
I’ll think of some, just for you though, okay?

Mags/Doom? I wouldn’t recommend it over such teams as Mag/Psy, or Mag/Tron. But Mags/Doom is very good, and alot of people have never been exposed to Mags/Doom, so it’ll catch them by surprise. Try using Sent/Mag/Doom.

Hey Soo,

  1. What’s the difference between a regular Magneto, a tourney-worthy Magneto, and a Higher Magneto?

  2. Gimme an ill Magneto infinite besides his re-jump infinite, ROM infinite, Slide infinite, Storm-look-a-like infinites (you know, the ones he does to grounded opponents), and the bajillion infinites he has on Sentinel.

  3. What can Magneto do to punish a tech-hit when he throws an opponent in mid-air from midscreen with, let’s say, c.fp, sj.lp,, sj.lp, FP Air Throw (opponent tech-hits)?

w3rd to all Higher Mags out there :cool:

  1. A regular Magneto is lame and boring. A tourny worthy Magneto is a Magneto that is precise and places well in all tournies. A Higher Magneto is a privilage. Not everyone can have this title. A Higher Magneto is top-notch.

  2. launch, sj. RH, dash d/f short short, standing RH, cancel after first kick into sj. dash d/f short short, standing RH, cancel into sj. hyper grab (tiger knee motion)+Psy, dash d/f short short, ect.

  3. You can’t really do anything that ground breaking when someone tech-hits a Mag throw in mid-screen, but you can land before they do, and guard break them I guess. Or even do a cross-up befoe they hot the ground.

I know you already posted a little on fighting sentinel, but could you give more tips on fighting sent/capcom? I already read the part about how you like to dash in on the ground and attack when he jumps or flies. Today was my FIRST time fighting a decent sentinel/capcom, and well i got ocved plenty of times playing msp against s/c/c.

I had no idea what to do. I watch these videos like jose garcia or shady k vs stanford (mag vs sent/capcom) and I thought i sorta had an idea on what the sent will do and what im supposed to try to do against it, but when you actually play its all fast and shit not like when your watching and it seems slow.

Like what do you do when sentinel is low flying getting ready to start stomp rush or getting ready to frying pan you.

I get stomped on when i try to dash in, then commando will comes in and either i get hit or if i block, he continues to stomp stomp stomp, fly back and bait my assist. Then i might try jumping and i might get frying panned or he’ll attempt to combo instead. whatever option he does, he gets to fly again…and stomp.

The only thing i could do to apply pressure was super jump airdash fierce, rh, but in the back of my mind i know i risk getting capcomed.

I have problems against him with storm too, infact i think i had more problem with him when i was storm. I suck with storm vs sent, i just try to run when im ahead of life and try to hailstorm (like justin vs kuan 4) but i just get frying panned and capcomed everywhere…then i end up in corner and its over…

i feel like im running away which isn’t good since im magneto.
The sentinel i played today wasn’t a low laser fly unfly, fly back fryping pan type of sentinel. he was a stomp the fuck down fly fast sentinel. more tips please.