GT's Most Disappointing Games Countdown...?

I just spotted this a few minutes ago:

Fortunately, I avoided the recent “Sonic the Hedgehog” once I heard about the unbelievably long loading times. Fable was still alright though, imo(*even though I never actually owned it)…it’s Fable 2 that was much more disappointing. I had no high hopes for Perfect Dark Zero anyway, but that game was laughable when I played it back then on a friend’s system.


PDZ is alot better then people give it credit for, the MP for that was a blast.

I agree with Sonic,DMC2 & MGS2 being on the list. I haven’t played the other games though, maybe that’s a good thing.

Good that MGS2 is on there. Thats the most disappointing game ever for me. I remember playing the whole game wanting to kill someone for making me play as some ******. Shit was not cool.