I am Great Teacher Soo. Ask away…


my mags sucks.

what do i do?


kinda dumb question but here goes…

would you rather do the unmashable with psyclocke most of the time with magnus. then when u switch to storm have her do a little runaway and build meter and looking for openings…


would you have magneto doing a normal air combo with air dash and not use meter, so storm has lots of meter when she comes down, and you can play pure rushdown storm.

i’m guessing this probably depends on the situation, so against which top tiers do you think which method is better?


:stuck_out_tongue: post some pimp-ass unmashables/ and or flying screen combos!

what are some wake up games for people already expecting the d+lk+psy, d+lk? just some tips to start teh rushd0wn


s00 halp m3 sewp0r n00b!!!

How come when I try to do the whiff move coming down for slide infinite it doesn’t hit, and if it does whiff, the second c.LK won’t hit…WTF! And where’s Amir nowadays? >_<


IronThread: I don’t use the unmahable that much. Because you have to normal jump with Mags to do the tempest. By the time I land, the opponenet already hit the floor and rolled. I play a reset game. I don’t do much supers, and I almost never DHC. The only time I would do the unmashable, is if the opponent will die from it. As for air combos, I rarely do those too. Basically, I keep myself at a position where I can keep catching the opponent with resets, or rushdown. Magneto is not meant to be played such a way where he is too far from the opponent. He dies that way.

jawbreaker: If you’re trying to learn Magneto, all you need to practice is his execution and rushdown. There are a variety of flight combos with Mags. All in the corner pretty much. Example: c. short short+Psy, fly, jab, RH grab, jab, RH+Psy, jab, RH grab, short, RH+Psy+tempest. Hope that helps.

GeekBoy: You need to be sure you actually hit the short after you whiff. I had the same problem in the early course of learning the slide infinite. I whiff short, that way, I know I have to push short twice. After you slide with the RH, sj, back/up, dash down/back+short (as if you were doing the short short infinite) and once you land, just repeat the c. short, RH sequence.
As for Amir, he is still very much around. He has been slipping on the results however. Still, he has an OG Mags. One of the pioneers. He just never proved himself on the results. Which I think he has potential of doing.


So in other words, when I whiff the Short, just double tap and I should hit the c.Short follow up? That’s what I understood anyway, people always telling me about the rhythm of the thing, I guess that’s why I never got it…

So that takes care of problem 1, here’s the other one, how do I always whiff the Short?


It’s not hard to whiff the short. Just dash down after the sj. as if you were doing the short short infinite with Mags. There actually is a rhythm to the infinite. Once you find your own rhythm in doing the infinite, you will be able to do it consistantly. Until then, be ready to face some frustrations :slight_smile:


So most likely, if the Short that’s supposed to whiff, hits, I’m doing it too slow…that’s what I think it is…


will u finally post all your recommended combos and resets for msp that u said u would do in ur last thread. :wink:


Hey Soo. I really need some help with my magneto. Mostly against Sentinel/Cable/Commando and Storm/Sentinel/Commando. Mainly my problem is Commando. I still can’t get around him when he’s on these teams. Any help would be nice.


Sup soo its Jeremy from IRC. If you don’t remember then bleh :slight_smile:

But what ideas/gameplan do u use for magz vs spiral/cable/sent. Rarely do I play against this team, but when I do the match gets ugly, in the ugliest ways.

And also, stuff to do with mag when playing against mag/psy?

Finally…well I know you don’t do gravxx tempest combos, but do you know if its true that the lk grav is harder to mash out of?


WhenTheSkyFalls: I consider myself pretty good in getting around Commando. He doesn’t even scare me anymore. It’s like, he’s not even there. When they have Sent/Commando, try to get underneath Sent, and catch him before he gets a chance to call out Commando. If you predict him calling out Commando, then sj, dash forward with fierce, RH. That’s ALL I do. Sj. dash forward.

AudioProject: Ya, I remember you. If you’re playing against Spiral, all you need to land is ONE c. short short+Psy. If you’re playing against a good Spiral, he will normally form swords, and do the one that spins in a circle. Just try to catch Spiral before she can do that. Because once she actually gets it, it’s hard to get to her. Especially with them Sent drones coming at you. Try to catch Spiral in the beginning of the match. She can’t really do anything against Mags in the beginning. Other than that, just stay close to her as possible.


what do u recomend for combos and wats new wit msp or just highly effective but not used much.


Combos aren’t that affective in the way I play Mags. I’m strictly a resetting machine. If you’re looking for flashy shit to do to impress people, there are too mahy to list, and too many to list that you probably would know of by now. Since Magneto is the most played out character in the game. As for new tactics with Mags, there really aren’t any. I think the highly effective strategies are the most obvious. If you have a Mags that people know is atleast decent, they will expect flashy, and unnecessary resets/cross-ups. Try the old school set ups. Like dashing to the other side and c. short short+Psy. Or you don’t even have to dash to the other side. Most people are thinking too much of how to block Mags, that they don’t block the most common ones.


Hey Soo, what are the 3 most effective teams for a pymp tyte Magz to be on?


Soo, I know you usually teach Magneto, but can you give me some tips on Storm?


Are resets with Storm worth doing at all? Because I know if I play MSP and get a hit from Psy I either do Launch, sj.Lightning Attack xx Lightning Storm or Launch, sj.RH, dash forward, sj.LK, sj.LK, Lightning Attack xx Lightning Storm. Either one do decent damage with or without a reset…so should you bother?


Remy Martin: MSP, Mag/Cable/Sent-a, Mag/Storm/Spiral

BshidoHEAT: Sure. My Storm is better than my Mags. But, can you be more specific? What do you need help with?

GeekBoy: Well, it’s up to you. Personally, I only do a lightning Attack, into Lighting Storm when they will die from it. Otherwise, I just launch, sj. cancel, dash down, dash to the other side, and right before they land, dash back the original side. Or something like that. Normal jump rushdown with Storm. That IS the key.


Well, I keep wanting like Magneto-type reset to use with Storm. That’d be a good idea…

Side note: c.Fierce launcher with Storm has lots of priority, IIRC. It’s fast too, so if it’s blocked, you’ll worry less than if you had a s.RH launcher blocked.