GT's Top 10 Fighting Games

I thought it was pretty fair, and SNK get’s more then just a passing mention. They did fuck up by including footage from Garou in their KOF pick. But other then that, you may be surprised how highly another franchise ranks.

Yeah, we all know what #1 is going to be, big surprise.

Nice. I never go to gametrailers. Ever.

Phew, they did it by franchises instead of individual games…

need an Angry video game nerd version so we can have
Primal Rage, Eternal Champions, Justice League Task Force, Shaq-Fu and more.

He did a review of Shaq Fu

He kinda’ sorta’ reviewed Primal Rage but it was more about the 32X in general.

Bonus: He reviewed Kasumi Ninja on the Jaguar

That was awesome. Lots of respect in that vid.

And, technically, isn’t Garou a KOF game, storylinewise (in the same way that FF1 was)? Whatever the excuse, I’m glad they showed Garou at all.

Plus, they used footage from Genesis VF. I thought I had purchased the only copy…apparently not.

The list is not bad. I’d change some ranks but overall the games are okay.


Calling Street Fighter balanced is a joke

The list is good, but the order is fail. Tekken should definitely be higher.

I thought this was going to be the one from last year. Very solid list.

Kain does run it as a KoF tournament right? I forget I ain’t played MotW in a while. :looney:

But yeah, best series is probably a much smarter way of making such a list.

the used footage from a bootleg machine for kof


lol at Hugo full parrying Dudleys rush punch move then punishing with throw instead of super or 360.

Samurai Shodown at number 2 or 3? That’s kinda weird.

Lol@Using a hacked kof rom. Good list either way.

Im just glad people remember what Samurai Showdown was. Wish it wasn’t numbered but those are basically the top games overall (though if I were to omit anything, remove Mortal Kombat and add Fatal Fury/Garou)

Im so glad Smash isnt on that list
I fucking hate that game

I’m surprised they actually have an idea what they’re talking about.

I love how they mentioned “curleh mustache”. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The accuracy of information mainstream fighting game coverage, relative to the views of the competitive player, is directly proportional to the mainstream popularity of fighting games at that particular time. :looney:

Tekken and KOF should have been higher. VF should have been lower.

Other than that, yup.

yeah i agree…VF should be like 9 or 8…and what about DOA??

good joke.