GU Flocker - Season's Beatings Fundraiser Raffle (Prizes)


Want to win an Asus 23 Inch 2ms Monitor like they use at EVO? What about a GameStop giftcard, Limited Edition Fight Stick, GU Tee-Shirt or more come help GU Flocker defend his title and get to Season’s Beatings in our Donation Fundraiser. Every person who donates is entered to win one of our great prizes. Any amount helps!


Support Flocker, make Season Beatings more hype AND win stuff for donating? Do it people!


Donated. See ya there buddy!


Support Flocker and help him get to SB so we can have a re-do of this match!
–Jay Snyder


Not only can you win great prizes, you’re helping out a great player get some exposure and put Miami on the map! Oh and did I say you can win some great prizes too?! Donated.


Good luck flocker!
I’ll try to see if I can maybe donate! <3


should read “a re-do of this mash”

anyway, support and stuff, can’t have the leader of the Maverick Hunters stuck at home while frauds like me actually make it


Thanks for all the support for Flocker so far, lets keep it going guys! Send him back to defend his title!


Just donated. Good luck Flocker!

Edit: Whoops, hope setting my name to private didn’t invalidate me from the drawing. :oops:


Your fine!


Show that Zero still remains the King of Marvel!


I’ve sent this to other people, I want to face nothing but the best competition at SBa. Sadly, I’m poor as a rat, but if I find a way, I’ll send some money. I also want to play Job in KOFXIII, looking forward to see how better he has gotten since I played him at Evo.