Guam SF4 Tournament 7/31

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the event. We’re not quite up to our original numbers (40 players), but the quality of players that came yesterday was crazy.

Link to bracket

1: Dale Cipriano (Blanka)
2: Gonzo Guzman (Balrog, Bison)
3: Ricky Jones Auayan (C. Viper, Ryu)
4: Mark Ordonez (Sagat)
5: Peter Quiambao (Guile)
5: Jashon Pacheco (Blanka, Balrog, Ken)
7: William Dizon Jr. a.k.a. Shumai (Ryu)
7: Jordan Almoguera (Zangief, Ken)
9: Skyler
9: FJ
9: Max
9: Moe
13: Neal
13: Mike
13: Allan
13: Swift

Shout outs to:

  • Nick from G3 hooking us up with the PA system.

  • FJ Chargualaf bringing his projector.

  • Gonzo for leveling up like crazy in the 2 months since I last played him and taking 2nd place.

  • Ricky Jones clutching out a win against me and making it all the way to 3rd place. I’m never going to hear the end of it.