Guam's Select Start Video Game Lounge Relocation Campaign!


Hello! My name is Barry Hernandez and I help run Select Start Video Game Lounge here on the island of Guam in the Pacific!

I also help run tournaments and fighting games here on Guam locally. I give my venue to the local fighting game community here freely to host fighting game tournaments and I also personally stream the events! Not too sure if any of you guys saw us at EVO, but the Guam Fighting Game Community was there and I had the pleasure of competing and being a part of that trip!

Anyway, Select Start is currently in the process of relocating to a bigger and better location in the heart of our tourist’s district, but we need everyone and anyone’s help to make the process go that much faster! The GU FGC here has been without a home since we closed for relocation and we want to make our transition as quick as possible, not only for them but for any gaming community on Guam. It’s tough finding a good venue, that’s why I want Select Start to open as quickly as possible, and with your help, it can!

We have utilized Indiegogo to help us relocate to our new location, so if you’re interested in helping or wanting to know about Select Start and our indiegogo campaign, you can check the link below!


GD is probably not the place for this thread


Yeah, I was considering what would be the best place? If there are any suggestions, I’d gladly delete the thread and move it somewhere else! :slight_smile:


@Preppy where should he post this?


GD is @Valaris‌ , but since we don’t have a Fundraiser subforum it’d arguably be World or somesuch regional forum maybe. But the appeals for funds are pretty dodgy in the first place, so I have no idea if stuff like this even belongs let alone where. @MrWizard‌ halp


man, I used to live in Guam back in 2009 and couldn’t find anything FGC related except for some tournaments at a con they had

I really miss Guam tho


I know, but he isn’t always around, I saw you post moments before I saw this thread, so I thought I may as well bring you into the conversation.


Ah yeah, if anything I’ll delete the thread if this sort of thing isn’t allowed! I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes if that’s the case.

Heh, our scene didn’t really get going until 2009 actually. (RING RING RING 09ERS SPOTTED)