Guaranteed cross up dive Kicks

Note: Will reorganize once I go through the whole cast

What’s good. Always in the lab. Got some fun for you guys. In light of all the work you guys have put up in the last few weeks I got to thinking… Is there something I could do to force the right distance for a cross up dive kick?

The factors are distance on the ground and height/jump arc/button. I’ve been trying to get rid of all these factors. Here are my findings. All start close and all block low. These setups are on hit. None on block. I’ll be updating this more and more, so stay tuned. ALL OF THESE SETUPS lead to ultra 2.

Ryu/Ken/ibuki/makoto/akuma/Dan/Chun-Li/Dhalsim/Abel/Viper/Bison/Cody:, lk dive from neutral jump at the peak.

Honda/Dudley/gouken/Bison/Guile:, lk dive kick from neutral jump just after she starts to fall.

Sakura/Cammy: c.hp, lk dive kick from neutral jump at peak.

Juri/Hakan: xx lk pinwheel. Lk dive kick from neutral jump just after she starts to fall.

Sagat/Guile: Corner Forward throw, Jump back, Jump forward HK Dive kick at peak.

Deejay/Guile: >, move just a pixel forward, jump neutral lk dive at peak or lvl2/3 focus >, lk dive kick at peak of neutral jump.

(Seth is weird. He has the most weird crouching hitbox for this setup. Nothign reliable works mid screen. I did however find the sweet spot + timing that you can cross up dive kick him. This isn’t guarenteed but with practice you can do it. ):,, uf + dive kick. The timing of the jump + dive kick (no short cuts) is great, and crosses him up. Hes the only one i can do this to consistantly.

Guy: Nothing I tried worked…

Hakan: Back throw,, forward jump lk dive at the peak.

Zangief: lk/lp/clk/clp/overhead, Neutral jump lk dive at the peak.

Still working on it. But give it a shot. Tell me what you think. Got the rest of the cast to go for just normals. Then I’m gonna see if normals + fuhajin release will work.

I think forward/back throw in the corner are the best ways to set up a cross-up dive kick. I use neutral late lk/mk dive.

Though something I noticed on some characters is that the dive kick doesn’t hit if they’re not holding back (blocking).

well the point is to negate any kind of error in timing for the height and arc. Thats why most of them are either at the peak or just after the peak. All of these i can hit a vast majority of them (especially the first setup).

I haven’t tried forward throws, but my goal was to avoid the corner. I wnated to open up the possiblity of ultra 2 mid screen with the whole cast with something tricky.

Try to make a little vid about it if you can. It would be easier for people to understand that way.

Will do.

Updated seth.

How is it guaranteed if you’re relying on them blocking low? Or maybe Im just thrown off at this part:
“All start close and all block low. These setups are on hit. None on block.”

Guaranteed to cross up if that’s your aim. It’s something I’m hoping everyone will help out on. Trying to find setups that reduce factors for the cross up as much as possible.

But if they block high you wont cross up right? I remember testing the DK cross up but I gave up after a few characters. The only way to guarantee a cross up (AFAIK) is if you do it on their wakeup and then it has too be timed on that one frame that they are standing.Timing it seemed tuff. Not only do you have to time the jump(wait certain amount before jumping), but then you have to time the DK execution to coincide with that 1 frame. Possible but tuff.

If you time it wrong you will either have it blocked point blank and high, resulting in terrible recovery, or you will fly over but land close enough to be punished on her whiff recovery.

I also tried to land the ultra after a successful crossup but it didnt seem like it was possible cuz in order for Juri to cross up, the DK has to be done relatively high adding to her recovery. The added recovery + ultras slow start up didnt seem to mesh but like I said I gave up after a few characters so maybe it’ll work on specific characters or I was just doing it wrong.

Another reason I gave up was it just didnt seem like the payoff was good enough. Its been a while, but I kinda remember following the cross up DK even with an ex pinwheel giving me some trouble or most hits whiffing or something like that. The one benefit I did see was you could get in their head but with the difficulty of execution + the risk didnt seem to be in Juri’s favor.

Crossup divekicks arent worth it, theres nothing to be gained from it, because even if you discover a way to do it, it will be too situational and impractical, and because they fall backwards you probably cant link anything off of it either, just being real here.

Nah you right. My goal is to explore and hopefully others will explore.

Ultra 2 links off everyone mid screen if hit

Guess who’s back with more juri technology. Working on these cross up dive kicks on and off since I started the thread and I think I found a valid mix up. So far they work on the whole cast but gen (maybe not cammy). Up to viper.

The idea is off a fadc hit to reset into a crossup dive kick. An example vs Sakura is

C.hp xx fuhajin fadc, lk shikusen.

It has to be timed correctly to cross up but it resets the damage, offers an anti block option (as most will stay blocked longer they assume hit stun) so you have a chance to hit a low dive kick aimed behind them.

Always links to ultra 2. Now you could go for the guaranteed damage with fadc ultra 2 but your capping somewhere around 460-480. With this vs viper the setup does 261+407= 668.

Also after stun vs the non fuzzy cast this is a way to close out the match with an ultra combo.

I’ll have more on this in a few days. Let me know what you think about the idea.

Metallicmike will not like it.

yeah was thinking what is the benefit when you can just use jump mk which has awesome range and you can do something from it. I guess if you want to go for a clutch win off of ultra 2 it’s good information to have

The benefit is that the dive kick catches them blocking down back. If you j mk they change their guard or just anti air you.

really? I thought divekick is block high or low

You can block either. But. After fadc people will expect you to finish a combo. That’s when you aim the dive kick to cross up. If they block low incorrectly you get ultra 2 or whatever.

I’ve used it in matches. Works decently. Gotta be on point with the dove kick. Avoids some reversals also.

Found a setup vs everyone but gen, sagat, and blanka. Hakan, deejay and zangief present problems hitting ultra 2 after.

The people who have the huge hitboxes?

No, if you block low you make your hitbox more easier to cause a fuzzy or cross up sorta like vega’s U1. You can block it low and not get hit if it’s not spaced right.

I’d really like to find setups that work on wake up but all I’ve found are very strict. These are a lot more lenient. Give me a bit of time I’ll have more info.

from the sounds of this only people with really bad reactions/habits are going to be hit by this? who’s going to be blocking low whilst the opponent is neutral jumping?

Not a neutral jump. Instant dive kick

Edit: tonight if I have time I’ll show an example. I put it up on my YouTube page.

I think most people are probably going to block high if you do that.