Guaranteed Cross up Hop Kick (Toward -> Forward) Set ups, anyone?



I’ve been playing around with E.Ryu in the lab, and it’s a well known fact that his Hop kick can go over a downed opponent, causing you to end up on the other side of your opponent, if you are close enough. unfortunately, i have not been able to replicate this on a reliable basis, so i can not add this strategy to my offense.

does ANYONE has any set ups after a sweep, or forward throw or ANYTHING that will guarantee a cross up if you perform the hop kick? it’s pretty difficult for me. also, is this hop kick crossup character specific, or it works on anyone? PLEASE post your findings, so will I. Thanks.


EX Axe kick -> whiff ->, youll end up with the perfect timing to do a xx ex shaku and link to ultra. the whiffed makes it last minute and harder to see.


DP FADC, dash,

With perfect timing you dash under the falling opponent and cross them up if the tech, delay the timing and it wont cross up. If they do not tech you can twice more for the troll cross up. It looks mad ambiguous on just about everyone, sadly it uses 2 meters for the FADC which is straight away negative value for a highly ambiguous set up. I havn’t tried it on any real players yet.


It’s character specific, but you can do a hop kick cross up after a LK tatsu. Yes that means you have to pass up damage for the mix up. And you will cross up or not depending on what kind of hit confirm you do before the LK tatsu. Against Ryu for example, doing 2x cr. LP, cr. MP, LK tatsu, you won’t cross up. But if you do 2x cr. MP, LK tatsu, you will cross up. A close st. HP and you won’t cross up, a cr. HP and you will cross up.

I don’t know how much this varies per character as well. So there could be a lot to learn, but hopefully not.


In the corner, immediately after ur opponent hits the ground after a LIGHT srk, u can hop kick cross up into pressure if the opponent quick rises. this means that you will have to put urself in the corner, but u put urself at in advantageous situation in which the opponent has to guess high, low, maybe a kara demon, or if u chose to jump back over, the opponent will be confused and probably still blocking, and u can start a block string. also, if u delay to hop kick a bit, it will no cross up which further strengthens this mix up.