Guaranteed Demon v Rufus ex Messiah kick?



Having real trouble landing Demon against Rufus after blocking ex Messiah, especially after he follows up with overhead. I read a post here saying “do after first hit” but Im not sure what that means. I can get the demon out but opponent always seems to escape no matter what timing I try. Was wondering if someone would be so kind as to post a video of when to do it. Can it be performed 100% after each of the follow ups?


U1 can’t be landed as a punish. U2 can beat Rufus’s options, but you need to reversal the U2 as soon as Rufus finishes the first half of the Messiah kick.

Also after the USF4 patch all of his options after the messiah kick can be punished on block, but you have to either jab punish or DP punish.