Guaranteed Demons (Match-up Specific)



A listing of all matchup-specific situations where you can use a demon and be absolutely sure you are not wasting your meter. Assume both super and ultra work unless I specifically state otherwise in parenthesis. I will also list any other conditions in parenthesis.

For all people who think demon (either ultra or super) is useless, consider the following:

  1. In MOST of the listed situations nobody gets as much damage as an ultra charged Akuma. In fact, in many of these cases most characters have slower startup on their ultras and either have to punish without ultra or worse sometimes cannot punish at all. Akuma is hands down the best character at punishing things with ultra.
  2. In a lot of these situations (mainly the ones that say super only) most other characters cannot punish at all. In other words, Akuma can super punish moves that are supposed to be completely safe. In some matchups, this completely removes an important tool or tools from your opponent’s arsenal.

This is still a work in progress, I would appreciate help testing more situations.

Thanks for input from: Mariodood, ZodiakLucien, richyrich, Jrix, Royce, Ragnog, alpha10th

Extra thanks to NeoRussel for his contributions and handy demonstration videos:

Things people can still help out with:
testing all the EXes
testing the L, M, H versions of all the specials
testing all the normals that aren’t cancellable
finding additional conditions on the things already listed (i.e. “must be deep” etc.)

If you find something new, post a reply and I’ll add it. If I miss it for some reason, PM me.

Fei Long:

blocked double kick (deep)
blocked rekkas (mash super, if he stops or delays after 1st or 2nd he will eat it, if he gets to third ultra will also connect)
blocked flame kick
blocked super/ultra


blocked cr.HK (super only)
blocked close drill
blocked far drill (super only)
blocked spike
blocked super/ultra


ex flipped red fb (ex flip must be on guess, demon can be on reaction)
blocked shoryu
ducked LK tatsu (stand up and kara it)
blocked flip sweep
blocked LK or MK tatsu
blocked HK tatsu (super only)


blocked cr.HK (super only)
blocked dash punch (must hit deep)
blocked ex dash punch
blocked flip sweep
blocked tatsu
blocked super/ultra


blocked mummy deep
blocked drill deep
blocked drill shallow (super only)
blocked slide
got hit by jump back HP
blocked point blank super (super only)


blocked close slide
blocked far slide (super only)
blocked ball
blocked up ball
blocked backstep ball (doing a reversal is too fast, wait a bit)
blocked super/ultra (doing a reversal is too fast, wait a bit)


blocked f+MK (super only)
blocked spinning bird kick (super only)
blocked hazan shu (deep)
blocked super/ultra


blocked cr.HK (deep)
blocked shoryu
blocked f+MP (super only)
blocked tatsu (super only)
blocked ex tatsu (deep)
jumped ultra
blocked ultra (close)


blocked butt splash (super only)
blocked ex butt splash (super only)
blocked far super (super only)
blocked close super
blocked ultra


blocked far long sweep (super only)
blocked close long sweep
whiffed lariat (time to hit the recovery, not beat the lariat)
blocked green hand
hit by green hand
blocked ex green hand


blocked flash kick
blocked f+MP (super only)
blocked target combo (super only)
blocked cr.HK (do it between the two kicks)
blocked super/ultra


blocked shoryu
blocked f+MK (super only)
blocked LK or MK tatsu (super only)
blocked HK tatsu
got hit by HK tatsu (super only)
blocked EX tatsu (super only)
blocked super/ultra
blocked super (between uppercuts)


blocked close slide
blocked far slide (super only)
backstepped stomp (kara the demon)
blocked psycho crusher (not push-through)
blocked MK or HK scissors
blocked close ultra


blocked tiger upper
blocked close tiger knee
blocked super/ultra


blocked flying claw
blocked flipkick
blocked d/f+MK (super only)


blocked b, f+p (super only, must hit deep)
blocked b, d/f+p (super only, must hit deep)
blocked dash overhead (super only)
blocked b, f+k
blocked b, d/f+k
blocked TAP (super only, must hit deep)
blocked headbutt
blocked super/ultra

(lol once you have super, balrog has no safe specials)


blocked change of direction (super only, do after first hit)
blocked wheel kick (super only)
blocked super/ultra

C. Viper

f+MP (super only)
blocked MP thunder knuckle (super only)
blocked HP thunder knuckle
blocked super/ultra


blocked messiah kick (do after first hit, if he immediately flips you’ll still block, so do it again)
blocked f+MK (super only)
blocked super/ultra

El Fuerte

blocked quesadilla bomb
blocked run slide (super only)
blocked super
backjumped ultra


blocked f+MK (super only)
blocked shouoken
blocked MK or HK shunpukyaku (super only)
blocked ultra


blocked slide (super only)
blocked soul punch (super only)
blocked soul reflect
whiffed AA throw
blocked ultra


blocked koryuken
blocked MK or HK dan kicks (super only)
blocked super/ultra


blocked gekiro
blocked mantis super/ultra
whiffed crane super/ultra


blocked super


Nice post, thanks! I’ll have try some of these out myself.
Also, thanks for the help with the block strings from before, appreciate it.


nice list, however im not a person who likes to mash things… it would be useful if I knew when to start inputting the demon?

what do I wait for before i start the command for demon? or what do i have to time it like. this has always gotten me f’ed over in matches on reversals per se


I would, except that timings are kind of hard to describe in general. And that is a fuckton of different situations I’d have to write descriptions for:P Suffice it to say for most of these mashing will work just fine if you’ve got quick fingers.

In fact, for some of these, mashing is the only way to go. Like for example punishing the Fei rekkas, since you don’t know how many he’ll do. You just gotta keep mashing until he stops.

Btw, for reversalling demon on small windows (like punishing blanka ball), I like to do the following


and mash the LK+HP until it comes out. Both the movement to b and d/b count for the ultra, so it’s a way to ensure you got one at the right time while doing the input so quickly.


oh nice trick, im pretty sure i read that in another thread but i didnt pay any attention to it

just what i needed thx


Thanks for the list.

Just buffer the jabs on block and do the last 3 inputs when you’re open.


yea i went through and found it out. now i just have to get comfortable with each other character to know how many hits their certain moves have


edit: im assuming you cant just buffer the jabs anywhere right? that would be awesome but i doubt it. ill try it later. im pretty sure you have to buffer them on the last hit


GOOOOOOOOOOD thanks ++++rep

if you dont feel comfortable buffering jabs while in block stun and your fast at doing kara demon just do that. I found myself trying to punish blocked ultras for awhile only to accidently jab reset someone so i just started to kara demon it and it eliminates that problem. Again not needed but its my personal preference.


It’s not based on the hit, it’s based on timing from the end. So if the last few hits are very fast, you could conceivably start the jabs before the last one.

The window is pretty large is about all I can say, like I said before it’s really hard to describe timing in words. Just hit up training mode some :wink:

Thanks, yeah that’s what I do for huge recovery ultras too, just to be on the safe side.

However a lot of the ones listed here require you to execute out of blockstun because you only have a small window to hit.


Nothing for seth yet?


Haha, no, nobody I play with even bothered to unlock him…


Whoah, amazing list. I don’t play Akuma, but I seriously appreciate the kind of dedication and work that goes into a list like this. Bravo.


This is a cool thread. For M. Bison, you can catch him in the lag of Devil Reverse if you’re like half a screen away. The timing is difficult though, you have to wait until he hits the ground to do it. Also, if he tries to hit you with Devil Reverse and you predict it, you can do it there too.

Also if he tries to stomp you, you can walk back and do it.


in the akuma strategy thread theres a video of a dhalsim jumping back and fierce punching akuma and he demoned right after and caught dhalsim when he landed.


Thanks guys, I’ll mess around with these in a bit and then add them to the list.


Truly god like advise the muken :pray:

ive calt a seth player out with a super demon after he tryd that kick move he has not too sure if it was lucky on my part or noobness on the other guys part :sweat:


Unfortunately, I haven’t unlocked Seth, and I don’t want to put anything on the list without some controlled testing. If you want to either get a friend or make some recordings on a training mode dummy and set it up where you can be sure he’s being careful and holding up I’ll take your word for it though:)


I’d also like to add that if a gief lariats through your fireball, you can ultra him if you time it so that you reach him right when he stops spinning. Not sure if the super will work since it’s slower and I haven’t tried it yet but it should and would probably require a different timing.


Added, thanks!


dude, this is sick :tup: