Guaranteed Demons (Match-up Specific)



Retest Dhalsim’s mummy and drill? Me and my friend tried over and over again, there was no way he was able to escape my Reversal Ultras.

Also Dhalsim’s slide was unable to escape reversal Ultra


Thanks, I’ll add the slide.

Look again, it says “super only” for the mummy and drill. You have to reverse with the super demon.


Thats some good shit there. But on some moves I see super only and wonder why the ultra wont work. Whats the difference between super and Ultra? is super faster or something?


Ultra comes out in 5 frames, super comes out in 1. Given that for most characters the fastest move you can do is 3, super is a damn good move for punishing stuff that isn’t supposed to be punishable.


Um yeah, I read it, I was arguing against it…
I tested it repeatedly with my friend, with different angles, he could not escape a reversal ultra with mummy or drill. Not through jumping, teleporting, or Back jump FP.
Something I’m missing?


Ah, my apologies, I misread your first post. I thought you were saying that he was able to escape the ultra and thus mummy and drill shouldn’t be on the list.

Just re-tested; the ultra is guaranteed if the mummy and drill are blocked deep but not if it is blocked shallow, I’ll add the distinction in. Mummy in fact if it is shallow enough is completely unpunishable by super either, since it’d be difficult to gauge that in real play I’m going to leave shallow mummies off the list.


what’s the timing on punishing shotos’ shoryuken?
i always end up punching them out with the jabs or do it to early and i end up on the other side before they land t.t


Do it with the timing you were using when you hit them with the jabs, but kara it so no jabs come out.


if youre on a 360 troller like me karaing is a bitch. try crouching while u input the jabs it should give u a little extra room.


can someone explain kara demoning?

I too often end up punching them out with the jabs.

I only really played SF2 on the megadrive when I was little but got back in to it when it came out on the PSP, but that was only just before xmas.


Crouch and throw out some normal that won’t hit them and then do the RD inputs while the move is happening / recovering. As soon as the move ends, you’ll go into RD and tag them. They made the Demon absurdly easy to pull off by just jamming the inputs while recovering.


so what is a kara demon? when I do demons a jab always comes out and i telegraph it unless its wakeup or i jump into it. so can someone explain how to do a demon without a jabs coming out.


Do a move that takes a long time to hit (f+MP) then do the entire inputs for demon before the move hits. It will thus cancel into demon without a hit ever coming out. Quickest input for ultra kara is

f+LP+MP, LP, b+LK+HP


Can the demon inputs be buffered during a teleport?

I’ve tried but haven’t had any luck. If it matters I make sure that I start the inputs when I have changed sides on the screen.

For instance, while moving from the player’s left to right, I make sure I have passed him before inputting the command so I get the directional correct.


Whenever I punish Shoryus either I duck, or do the 2 jabs when I know I can’t hit them and then mash the -> Short + Fierce right when they’re around the height of my head.


Yes you can, just mash the FP at the end to make sure you hit the window.

If my opponent predicted my teleport and is going to punish me, I always do an ultra on the off chance he screws up his timing.


F’in A…this thread is awesome. Thanks a bunch to all of the guys that contributed/made that list. It is greatly appreciated.


I’d say to input the demon pretty quickly after you block the SRK, because you’ll have more blockstun than you think, and said opponent will fall gently into your lap.


Akuma: Raging Demon Madness
To commemorate the thread. Thanks for the list guys.

"Practice Leads To Greatness"


Cool vid! There’s quite a few on there not on the list, I’ll go through it and add them. Would you mind going through the additions and checking them? You probably know the conditions a little better for the ones you tested (what must be deep or not etc) than I can get just by watching.

And vice versa, there’s a bunch on the list not in the vid, it’d be great if you could add them to the vid since some people want to know the timings and you’re quite good with the video editting :slight_smile:

Btw, you said in the page you were having trouble doing crouching demons, try the input trick I posted before.

d/b (block and hold the direction)~LP~LP~b~d/b+LK+HP

and mash the final LK+HP as needed. You can also just do

d/b (block and hold the direction)~LP~LP~b+LK+HP

if you’re confident of timing it right. Moving back and forth to d/b is just to increase the laxness of the window for the directional.