Guard Break Monthly (Philadelphia, PA) [03.23.2013] P4U/AH3


Venue Location:
Classic Game Junkie
111 South Easton Rd
Glenside PA, 19038
There is paid parking in a lot the street behind the store, there is also a SEPTA Train Station across the street that has free parking on the weekends,

General Details:
-$5 Venue fee.
-$1 entry per game
-Signups will be taken from 2pm until 3pm. Tournament will begin at 4pm. If you are running late tweet at me (@Tigreniisan), or if you think there will be a good likelyhood you’ll be late, PM me, I’ll give you my number.
-Both games will be run on ps3
-Tournament will be double elimination, best 2/3 all the way until Grand Finals. Grand Finals will be 3/5, loser must reset bracket.
-Payout will be 70/20/10.
-Winner must report results to me immediately after the match.
-Bring your equipment and be ready to play. You know you’re coming to a tournament, bring your stick/controller. Don’t be that guy.

Game Specific Details:
Persona 4 Arena:
Winner is character locked.
Loser may change character.
I don’t care about navigators, if someone requests them to be turned off, they will be turned off for your match.

Arcana Heart 3:
Winner is character locked (Arcana change o.k.)
Loser may change character, as well as Arcana.
Simple Mode is allowed.

Stream will be provided by Nadakaineko, and will be at