guard break

how do you do the guard break

with who

While each character has different guard breaks in terms of which buttons you are hitting… the concept is pretty much the same. When an opponent is in normal jump state. (like when they tap up… or more commonly available… like when a character is first coming in… either due to the previous one getting killed or because of a snapout)… they only get one action. If you make them block an attack their action is used up. So if you make em block pause a second so they come out of block stun… and then attack again… the second attack will break their guard so long as it hits before they land.

Probably the easiest one is using cable. Snap out their character and then jump and do fierce punch (this shoots a single shot which their incoming character has to block) pause about a 1/2 second and then go strait into air hyper viper beam.

Another easy one is using ironman. Jump and stick out an up+fwd fierce punch so that they have to block it the second they enter the screen. Fall and jump again strait into a combo (most often the rejump infinite). It’s very easy once you get the timing down and has huge rewards.

Most if not all characters have some sort of guard break but not all have one that combo’s into something decent. Just gotta play around and see what works.

how do you snap out and do the block stun do you need a second controller