Guard breaking

One of my friends show it to me and tried to explan it to me today but i ain’t get it…could someone explain it to me cleary…thanks.

gaurd break is when you attack the char before he comes in.think thats how you explain it?maybe someone else can explain it better.

i find that video tutorials are more useful So… <-- video helps with stuff you need to know for mvc2.

and if you arent a member to combovideos , become one . its free and the videos are worth it.

thanks guys!

It’s not that bad. You do an attack RIGHT before they appear on screen. Then they just barely appear, and block. They’ll freeze in the air for a few frames. Then they’ll start falling. If you hit them while they are falling but before landing, they can’t block.

Be careful, if the person you’re doing it against understands guardbreak, they will likely see flaws in your pattern and get out of it.

i dont fully understand your post but you arent gonna be punished by anything more than a normal move ( thats assuming you dont do the guardbreak right) with the exception of a pushblocked canceled into super. if you dont do the guardbreak it turns into who’s move is gonna have more priority and will get the hit. If by “pattern” you meant doing the same guardbreak over again , in my opinion it doesnt matter at all. you can get away with doing jump shot with cable over and over again and not get punished. the only flaw in that one is that you can take the shot and its harder for them to get the AHVB or they pushblock the shot and airdasd/AHVB/fly out of the way of your ahvb.

The general consensus on guard breaking is, if you’re going to be in a worse situation if they take the hit, don’t even try.

Guard breaking is based all around the fact that you only get one action per normal jump. One action = Attack or block. When you kill a character you know how the next character in the team comes in? Yea they are in normal jump mode which is why you can guard break them. Basically you want to make them block something with very little block stun and that will allow you to follow up (they have to fall out of block stun while still in the air, if the move you use has too much block stun they will be blocking up until the land in which case they can block on the ground). You can use even the crappier type of guard breaks more sparringly, but mostly the guard breaks you should look for usually have:

  1. the ability to work even if they a) take the hit b) block or c) push block. These are kind of rarer/more intuitive (you might have to change it up a little if they push block and react to whether they push block or not). Sometimes you can have two different guard breaks that cover what they do and take a guess on what they will do, after all it’s still a chance to get relatively free damage even if you don’t always get it right.

  2. Leave you relatively safe 99% of the time even if you fail to guess right. The general rule is basically if you don’t get enough damage for the ammount of damage you are liable to get if you mess up then maybe it’s better not to do it.

MY guardbreak specialty is cable. But even then, he’s not perfect.

I’ve had Spirals pushblock the bullet, and then teleport behind me and get FREE combos. It’s tough for the spiral player, but mashing teleport does the rtick after a pushblock.

Magz will try to dash.

Storm will hold up to change the timing on the bullet.

Cable will block and then AHVB for a hopeful trade.

Not to mention if I’m the character being guardbroken, I know exactly when you’ve messed up the timing and I’ll eat the bullet. You get to waste a super, I get to block it.

What I’m trying to say is that if the other player’s guardbreak execution is better, you won’t land nearly as many.

My friends eat 90% of my cable guardbreaks. Whereas I only eat 50% of theirs.

ok, easiest way IMO to explain guardbreaking in 2 sentences…

  1. when you enter the screen you’re in normal jump mode.
  2. in normal jump mode, you’re allotted ONE and ONLY ONE action (except certain cases), therefore if you block and come out of block stun, you can’t block until you hit the ground.

now, what you can / can’t do during normal jump mode.
cancel an attack into a special or a hyper

do MORE than 1 of the above
cancel an special into a hyper

now, there’s a lot more, but that’s a general idea.
my best “guard breaker” is sentinel… so if u want, feel free to ask me…

a quick example of a sentinel guardbreak

opponent dies.
fly, hp + call commando, unfly, land, sj, air combo…

when u call commando, there’s JUST enough lag that you will fall out after blocking the hp, or if you take the hp, with the exception of sentinel and a few others, you’ll get hit into commando. 1 way you will get a free hp commando, the other way you will get a free air combo. there are MUCH better guard breaks with a lot more options and there are ways out of this, but that’s a general synopsis.