Guard cancel please help

oops i got the name wrong when i watched the video…sorry my brain is out in space :confused:
but yes, after watching the mvc2 advanced tactics video, i still don’t understand guard canceling. is the timing for pushes different depending on what character and what move you’re blocking against?
i tried push blocking when this guy was unloading 5 levels worth of sentinel force supers on me but i was still pinned. can somone explain it a little more in depth than “using times pushblocks to cancel a character’s guard in order to escape traps and punish moves which are otherwise unpunishable.”?

To get out of the sentinel hsf continous… pushblock the first hit, neutral, sj just as the 2nd wave of drones comes across you.

by first hit do you mean the fierce punch, the rocket punch, the first wave of sentinels in the super or the entire first wave of the first super?

what do you do for Blackheart’s Heart of Darkness super? like the Magneto vs. Blackheart demostration

This is one is easy. As soon as Blackheart’s Inferno gets blocked, let go of the joystick and pushblock. After that just hold up forward and you’ll jump out of it easy.

For sent’s HSF, pushblock the hit before the HSF hits. I usually pushblock right when I see the super was done (when I see the screen flash for the super). Then, set the stick in neutral (pushblock counter resets if you keep holding back). After the second set of drones passes you by, sj out or if you have cable, AHVB as you see in the video.

On a side note, pushblocking can be a good way to punish scrub pixies that try to rush you. If you see someone going for a lk, lk, rk launch sequence, pushblock the second lk and you’ll recover as they do a rk away from you.

throwing ppl out of their rushdown with guard break is pretty sweet…i wonder why no one attempts it in tourneys…even escaping the HSF…[which should be pretty easy to get down since so many ppl use sent]…no one tries to escape. they just take the block damage.

they do escape before the first wave hits…but once they are in the semi sentinel trap most ppl just take that block damage…is it too risky or somethin?

thanks for breaking it down IronThread. here’s another q: if you’re cable vs another cable and he does a tigerknee ahvb which you block, can you guard cancel that and get him with your own tk ahvb?

No, you can’t counter a tk ahvb. The only time you can counter an ahvb is if they regular jump backwards then fire near the peak of their jump (people sometimes do this to catch you off-guard). Just do a tk ahvb as they finish theirs. I wouldn’t recomment puchblocking this one because it can screw up the timing.

As for tourney’s, using pushblock isn’t too effective cause most people tri-jump. Also, good rushers will cover their launcher with an assist so you can’t punish back. As for sent doing this trap, it depends on the situation. If you notice, most people try to chip away at the end of a close match or if they want to kill off a character with little health. In these situations, definitely sj out or punish with ahvb if you can. If your battery has a lot of health, then it’s sometimes better to take the chip damage cause that takes meter away from other users like cable. But if you’re mags or cable and just being in the game is a threat, then escape the trap. There’s a lot of strategy involved and depends on how the game’s played.

Feel free to flame me if anyone disagrees.

If you’re unsure when to pushblock, do it when you hear the sound of the super. For Sentinel’s.

i noticed that when u guard cancel with sentinel the timing is a bit different

i can get every other character to sj out of hsf around 90% of the time but I can’t seem to get it with sent for some reason…

someone wanna help out?

let GO of the joystick and pushblock? or pushblock the inferno and then put the joystick in neutral?

pushblock and let go of joystick. Then just hop forward. Easiest one in the game.

Also, it is possible to counter a tk ahvb.

Letting go won’t take you out of block if you’re getting hit continuously. Until the push-block registers, you won’t get hit. Once it does, you’d better be jumping, because you’ll get screwed if you aren’t.

Still having trouble jumping out of the HSF. Pushblock before the first hit happens, then jump at the second set? Will coming out of blockstun be the cue?

Gotta try this. lol

Tron Jon

I can get out of HSF once in a while. I usually pushblock the first set of drones once it hits me, then jump out after the 2nd. But I tried pushblocking BEFORE the first set of drones made contact. Instead of pbing, my char threw out an attack and then got fucked up. Did I simply mess up pressing the two buttons? or is there a specific time you’re supposed to press them?

This is a pretty dumb question, but can someone explain the tk ahvb? Thanks!

down, down forward, forward, up forward + PP. Same as the fireball motion but with the upforward which will make you hop off the ground but still perform the HVB.

oh yeah, tk stands for tiger knee

Which one is the tiger knee, or is the “down, down forward, forward, up forward + PP” it? I get the whole motion thing and what it’s supposed to do, I am just not sure if tk is a move that comes before the ahvb. Sorry I know nothing about cable, just want to use him whenever someone kicks my ass with him.

is it me or can you even guard cancel on the ps2 version.
or am i doing something wrong…

edit: plus when i look at the advance tatic video i dont even see the super jump wind under the characters feet…

hey dude, you got the right idea, but you have to pushblock the thing before the hsf. i.e. c.hp, or c.hp, rp hsf, pushblock RIGHT BEFORE the drones hit you, then you should be able to do it.

if you want to see if you are getting the timing, try pushblocking and letting go of the stick, you should block the 2nd set and then get hit by the third. and soon as you block the laser/rp you can let go of the stick, pushblock, then sj out after the 2nd set.

if they dont do a c.hp or a rp… then you can just sj out before it touches you =]