Guard Cancelling(MvC2)?

I know about Guard Cancels but how in the hell do you practice them… especially one that I need badly… AHVB through HSF? Is it possible to practice in training mode or do I have to practice in game(with me most likely getting demolished before I get to attempt)?

You will probably need a friend to help you out there because the A.I controlled sentinel is pretty random. As for doing the guard cancel, I am not sure how good your timing has to be to do the pushblock into AHVB.

For things like that, the only way I know to practice them is to have a friend help or to have a program pad. Otherwise it’s going to be extremely difficult. You’d have to hold the sentinel controller or stick. Do the rocket punch into ahvb while holding back on the Cable stick with your hand or foot or something. Then immediately pause the game. Then get in position with the cable stick and unpause the cable controller with your foot and push block and try to get it…yea not so much. I’ll tell you what…add me (mrfanatiq) on 360 and I’ll give you 7 matches of 360 practice since you’ve been more than nice in that song thread.