Guard cancelling

I’ve been honing my pushblock/guard cancel with cable lately. I was wondering how you do it on Blackheart’s inferno xx HOD (like on advanced tactics video). Is it pushblock as soon as you see the inferno, then hold the stick up and towards Blackheart, jump into AHVB? Also, any other good uses of pushblock or guard cancel? If you post, please include what to do and stick positioning (I know holding back screws up the counter). Thanks in advance.

pushblock, dash, sj, ahvb… u need to get away, cuz if u just jump, HOD will hit u with the first like, 2 hits, and get u out of ahvb

u can use pushblock gc to get out of any projectile based trap…
non orbs strider/doom, but no1 uses that.

i think about the bh thing. i havn’t watched the vid in a while. i dont’ face many blackhearts, so i’m not sure. any1 feel free to correct and flame me if i’m wrong


when the little ball fucking touches u u push block…just try to sj but it usually turns into a noral jump but hey…who the hell cares? the guys scrwed if u get out…

One of the most annoying things is when doom gets above my cable and starts chipping away, especially when he has 2 or 3 meters. Is it possible to pushblock out of doom’s photon shot/photon array super trap? For instance, pushblock the photon shot and wavedash out of the photon array, or pushblock the first super and wavedash out before the second one starts? Just curious to know if any of you tried this (I don’t have anyone to practice with so I can’t test it out). If you have, how do you time it?

Just get hit by the infernoxxHOD, free AHVB x whatever afterwards.

Regarding Doom’s photons, just try and superjump after a blocked APA, as there really isn’t that much you can do when a Doom wants to spend his meter and is above you (unless you can wavedash before the first APA).

i would take the last few hits of the super because any person that does a HOD on cable is a moron. the super causes blackheart to dash at the end of the super. leaving a window open from a AHVB…

actually if you just jump up-forward…you get out easy…so when you see the ball hit, pushblock, keep the stick at neutral, and jump out…if you fail…you get a free ahvb anyways

Don’t take the hit if you’re cornered, no forced dash for Bh, no AHVB for Cable.

Wow, i am suprised nobody has mentioned this:

Block the ball of the inferno, then just tiger knee AHVB. No push block required at all. you must make sure that you do ahvb inbetween the ball of the inferno, and the HOD. try it out, shit is cheap!:lol: :lol:

But, getting hit by the HOD, then doing super after doesnt always work. Look at teh computer, that mother fucker SJ’s right away ::cheap ass computer::.

I just push block and i just jump… i never get hit :slight_smile: unless i’m jumping

If you hold up, when you’re BlackHeart, after HOD you’re able to block the “free” AHVB.

wrong. Try again… u get shot:o

Holding up after HoD makes the window of opportunity shorter, but you will still get AHVBed every time if the Cable player does it fast enough.

Actually,HoD has a time when you are invincible. Right when he is mid screen,you are not getting hit,pushblock and then do a direct AHVB (75% circle up PP) and yeah,it works easier,or you can do pushblock,jump,AHVB