Guard Crush 21 08/10/11 Results

SSF4: Arcade Edition - 55 entrants
1st - EMP Dieminion (Guile)
2nd - Chris Hu (Oni)
3rd - EMP Dragongod (Ibuiki)
4th - HZY (C.Viper)
5th - EMP Santhrax (Sagat)
5th - TPH Itachi (Yun, Sagat)
7th - EMP Kreymore (Guy)
7th - Spore (Makoto)

Marvel vs Capcom 3 - 25 entrants
1st - LB NYChrisG
2nd. EMP Dragongod
3rd - Joseph
4th - LB Winrich
5th - Flux
5th - KanyeWest
7th - MegamanSteve
7th - Manny O

SSF4AE Japanese style tournament - 20 entrants
1st - TPH Itachi (Sagat)
2nd - EMP Hiro (M.Bison)
3rd - EMP Santhrax (C.Viper)
3rd - HZY (C.Viper)
5th - DMG RicoSuave (Abel)
5th - Phire (Cammy)
5th - Sean Y (Chun-Li)
5th - MikeG (Yang)

I was there, unfortunately I had to leave so I could’nt enter any of the tournaments. However, how can you not post the most important result of the whole night.

Mike G vs Adnan

blown up

thanks for the results/organizing as usual guys.


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It was nice to see that Chris Hu’s Oni got better.

Guard Crush Team Battle 3 this coming Wednesday (8/17)!