Guard Crush 22 08/24/11 Results

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition - 38 man bracket
1st - EMP Santhrax
2nd - Chris Hu
3rd - sPaB Rog
4th - Henry Cen
5th - Aquasilk
5th - Manny O
7th - Spore
7th - SK

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Marvel vs Capcom 3 - 19 man bracket
1st - LB NYChris G
2nd - Chaz
3rd - Manny O
4th - Liston
5th - Shaquille C
5th - Joseph
7th - Souf
7th - Winrich

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SSF4AE Japanese Tournament
1st - Mike G (Yang)
2nd - Autodemon (Akuma)
3rd - Sean Y (Chun-Li)
3rd - HZY (Viper)
5th - Ben Fong (Balrog)
5th - Poe (Akuma)
5th - NGB Solid (Ryu)
5th - Poem (Balrog)

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congratulations sanford!

No 3s???

Mike G Yang is godlike now?!

Good shit to Chris Hu for choking so hard in GFs. You’re too beast Sanford.

Good work Sanford.

Good shit Manny O

Nice tourney as always, I’m curious as how I ended up last place when I won my first match? I won my first match in winners then ended up in the 1st round of losers. My bad if I’m missing something.

Ahh, Chris Hu… How could you let Sanford take six games in a row off you when you were on the verge of taking it. :<

Also shoutouts to the best Spooky quote ever at the end of the stream.