Guard Crush 4 07/21/10 Results

Super Street Fighter IV - 62-Man Bracket!!!

1st - Arturo (Dhalsim, Rose, Adon)
2nd - Min (Dictator, Blanka)
3rd - Damdai (Ryu, C. Viper)
4th - ClakeyD (E. Honda, Akuma, Abel, Ibuki, Guile)
5th - NerdJosh (Ibuki)
5th - DS (Boxer, Dictator)
7th - MikeG (Boxer)
7th - GBPoeta (Boxer)
9th - Terrance
9th - Kreymore
9th - Henry Cen
9th - Frankie3s
13th - DDOG
13th - Wayne
13th - Tinshi
13th - Chris Hu

Full results and bracket here:

Man 62? U guys r making me wish u didn’t have a family. Now in really tight I couldn’t Make it. Gc is making history !

Good Shit!

Thanks to everyone who came out again and supported us and Team Sp00ky. Best turnout so far. We hope to see everyone at the next one.

Apologize to the dude that didn’t make it into the bracket. We’re sorry dude, there was a problem with one of the player list.

Also good shit to DDOG and his mom, she was mad hype to see you play hahaha. You did really well my dude, keep coming out.

Thanks for holding the tournament. It was run really well and professionally. Alot of fun altogether. I’ll definitely be passing through more.

I had a good time. Good games to all.

Great Games to all =D Good shit to Art,Min,ClakeyD!

GGs everyone. super, alpha2, cvs2, NGC and all that.

and BKY dude from MGO lol(small world:tup:)

min for walking 10 blocks to get a stick so we can play cvs2 :tup::tup:

duke for putting up with my Kgroove :lol: (I know you are not a fan) then I got my ass handed by alpha2 rose :looney: overall it was worth the trip. gamepad is a great venue.

videos uploaded.

Playlist here:

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

MikeG =O Gotdamn

Who beat CHRIS HU?

Guard Crush 4 - Super Street Fighter 4

you can check it out here.

Winners: One of NYC’s finest El Fuerte’s, Mr. Spab Rog.

Losers: Idk who beat him in losers though. It is in tonamento .

interesting. i just noticed that the 2 ppl on the team took out henry