Guard Crush 5 8/4/10 Results

Super Street Fighter IV - 51-Man Bracket!!!

1st - Sanford “Santhrax” Kelly (EMP)
2nd - Arturo “Sabin” Sanchez
3rd - “Golden” Henry Cen
4th - Kevin “dieminion” Landon (EMP)
5th - Min
5th - Andre “Twisted Jago” Lambert (EMP)
7th - Chris “Fascinating” Hu
7th - Clark “ClakeyD” Smith
9th - Rahsaan “Evil Rahsaan” Dusuau (EMP)
9th - Phillip C. “KDZ” Atkinson (FYC)
9th - Damien “damdai” Dailidenas
9th - Eric “Smooth Viper” Arroyo (EMP)
13th - Tinshi
13th - Poem (GBPoeta)
13th - Wayne
13th - Frankie Nunez

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift - 15 Man Bracket

1st - Real Josh
2nd - SKD
3rd - Drunken Chicken
4th - Mr. Krabbzz
5th - Kevin Wu
5th - Sera
7th - Duke “HardBread” Dodson
7th - Biscuits
9th - Rob
9th - Xevious
9th - Lunaris
9th - Daniel H
13th - Greek
13th - DaiAndOh
13th - Ahmed

could someone list what characters the top ssf4 players were using please?

Nice event Mike, I was enjoying watching the stream as if it were a major.

Sanford (C. Viper, Ryu, Sagat)
Arturo (Rose, Dhalsim, Seth)
Henry Cen (E.Honda, Dhalsim)
Dieminion (Guile)

good shit
Shout out to team spooky for the stream

This was the most live tournament in “God Crush”. Shoutouts to KDZ for getting Blazblue hype!!!

Good matches to all. =)

good job east coast!!!

:pray:THE KING!!!

tourny was hype i shoulda entered -_- oh well next one for sure

This tourney was GOD LIKE!!! get AM NEW YORK!!!:nunchuck::nunchuck::nunchuck::nunchuck:

Yo oh! Shoutouts to Empire for going to GC, make that shit a Wednesday Habit!

Godlike stream as always from Team Spooky!

Sorry I wasn’t there, Wednesday tournaments are just as bad as Thursday tournaments because I work the next morning!

Any way to catch the stream, post-event? Was it recorded?

This was like a major, i am glad to see the increase from 10 to 20$ didnt scare anybody off.

Can’t wait for next one wo0t wo0t.

yipes , how come no show?

for bb skd was 2nd i was third

will there be any vids of the tournament soon?

Art also used Adon in grand finals

ROFLLL Love that Smiley

Spooky usually uploads them pretty quick. They should be at YouTube - ?AkumaHokoru’s Channel?‎ pretty soon

Thanks to everyone that showed up and made the event godlike. There were A LOT!!! of killers there. Like a bi-weekley mini major. All in favor of changing the name to “God Crush” say I!!!

Here’s the link to the Guard Crush 6 thread…

It was great meeting all the players I haven’t met for the first time, especially Andre. Dude’s so chill.

That was definitely a hype tourney, and I normally do not enjoy SSF4 much at all.


this was the craziest guard crush yet

i hope everyone shows up to the next one

thx for the support this tournament was sick

Shoutout to fucking everyone!!! Thanks for showing us price increase only brings out the super killers! Thanks to all the BB guys, we’re sorry shit went a little sour. But you still gave a super hype grand finals. Thanks to Jersey for coming though! Kuma for handling shit the best he could. And everyone that always lends us that extra hand. AND FUCKING SPOOKY FOR GRINDING OUT A STREAM FOR LIKE 8 HOURS STRAIGHT!!! You have no idea how much we appreciate how much you’ve helped us from the start without you this wouldn’t be what it is.

Let’s just keep making it bigger and bigger!

And shoutouts to myself for not getting any pizza!

the king? more like the king of whining crying and pulling a hissy fit when shit doesnt go his way. but anything for the win right empire? i had no beef with you guys but after the shit that sanford and triforce pulled on arturo last night, zero respect for you guys at all. of course you dont have to listen to my opinion but seriously what you guys pulled was some pretty grimy shit by not allowing arturo to change characters after sanford got fucked up in the first set. its cool get that rent money.