Guard Crush 6 - 08/18/10 - Brooklyn, NY (SSF4 & SFIII:3S)

I’m winning 3rd strike.


Dag, I missed the last one out of town, but sounds like it was hot! I’ll be there for this one,…hopefully the draw will be kinder to me LOL.

lets go!


tower of spabbel

Yo I heard this tournament owns and I heard I am gonna be in attendance to see what’s become of GC since the last one I was at literally forever ago

i heard these things as well.

The Bi-Weekly Major??

oh yeah

Yo is it wednesday yet?

almost =D

Yo spabrog why didnt you show up to the tourny in queens today? was pretty free

had to work =(

might come out to this

Depending on what time I get out of work, I’m down for 3S.

Don’t forget if you’re gonna be late CALL. We aren’t going to redo the brackets for ANYONE. Sign up as soon as you get to the venue then go eat and do whatever it is you have to do.

Also try to eat before hand. Everytime you leave you delay then entire tournament.

I’ll try and come to this, maybe.

chibi man himselfffffffffffffff.

Will we see a return from…The King?

Min “The King” Lawler!?