Guard Crush 6 8/18/10 Results


Super Street Fighter IV - 47-Man Bracket!!!

1st - Arturo Sanchez (TS)
2nd - Chris Hu
3rd - NerdJosh (TS)
4th - “Golden” Henry Cen
5th - Dieminion (EMP)
5th - Twisted Jago (EMP)
7th - Dragongod (EMP)
7th - Liquid SRK
9th - Min (TS)
9th - Jeron Greyson (EMP)
9th - SmoothViper (EMP)
9th - GBPoeta
13th - DS
13th - Tinshi
13th - Ben Fong
13th - Jago Midnight

Full results HERE
In the bracket on Tonamento, Sanford “Santhrax” Kelly is supposed to be Kevin “Dieminion” Landon.


Ts > emp



Nerdjosh was turning it up.



Min got that 9th place curse.


I had a good time. Good games to all I played. I think that will be my last tournament for a while. I have to start getting back ready for school. Hopefully I have a good schedule to make it to future guard crush.


Shoutouts to liquid SRK make some hype ass matches. Repping the dudley!


I got hella lucky today good shit to everyone i thought i was gonna lose for sure to kev.


Good going Art. =D


The finals were Chris and Art?

Is the stream archived?


Yo nerdjosh


Shoutouts to Mike and Joe…it was pleasure to meet you both. Guard Crush is GDLK

gg’s to everybody who took the free wins off of me in SSF4

But what’s really good with that 3rd strike turnout??? There are literally only a handful of people who still play this seriously in NYC aside from my L.I peeps…the end is near

Why is NerdJosh so gdlk???


I’m not the type to be a fanboy but all I gotta say is NerdJosh is a fucking animal. good shit to all. gonna step my shit up once I get my stick.


Okay! I made the first page of results, cool, this is like my 2nd tourney, was hella fun until getting pwned by Lincoln (3 perfects? uh, never again). Once I get back in the habit of local play (gotten too used to scrubs and lag on psn/xbl) the shenanigans can begin!


that was a hype tourney to watch good shit liquid


ggs to everyone i played especially Spab Rog. Besides that all i gotta say is fucking video games.


So everyone finally learned how to block my overhead. Good Shit East Coast!!!


Nerd Josh gotta stop bodying everyone to get to winner’s finals, then take 3rd. Well at least he’s getting something though, good shit.

Well, you and I both know if I’m attending next one…


Liquid SRK needs to stop burning meter on those training mode combos. There were like 3 rounds you had in the bag but you blew 75% meter to get like 5 more damage, then you didn’t have any for the next round. Impressive play, keep up the smart stuff.


say all you want he’s a good player. I’m sure you make mistakes too.


he already knows, I talked to him about it already. He dropped Ultra against andre though.