Guard Crush 7 09/01/10 Results

Super Street Fighter IV - 33 Man Bracket

1st - (TS) Arturo Sanchez (Dhalsim, Rose)
2nd - (EMP) Sanford Kelly (Cammy, C. Viper)
3rd - (EMP) Evil Rahsaan (E. Honda)
4th - (EMP) Lincoln “DragonGod” Morris (Ibuki)
5th - MikeG “BKBalrog” (Balrog)
5th - AuLord (Cammy)
7th - (TS) Min
7th - Wayne
9th - Henry Cen
9th - (EMP) Andre “Twisted Jago” Lambert
9th - (EMP) JeRon Greyson
9th - Liston
13th - Ben Fong
13th - Liquid SRK
13th - sPaB RoG
13th - Nelson

Full Results Here

SSF4 New Character Only Tournament - 13 Man Bracket

1st - (TS) Arturo Sanchez (Adon)
2nd -(EMP) Lincoln “DragonGod” Morris (Ibuki)
3rd - (EMP) Sanford Kelly (Ibuki)
4th - (EMP) JeRon Greyson (DeeJay)
5th - AuLord (Cody)
5th - Spore (Juri)
7th - LiquidSRK
7th - Steve Chaos
9th - ZeonLive
9th - Method Bam
9th - (EMP) Andre “Twisted Jago” Lambert
9th - (TS) NerdJosh
13th - Wayne

Thanks again everyone for coming through!

Not bad, 'Saan.

Good shit on winning, Art. Had to go somewhere but I’m looking forward to the uploads.

Thanks to everyone that showed up and showed support. Tournament started late due to an issue with tonamento not displaying all the available matches. Damdai tried to get into tonamento and fix it, but it took a lot longer than I thought, and in the end, he could not fix it. So I was forced to use to create the brackets. Once the tournament started shit got hype. Turnout was smaller than usual, but sometimes, its not about the quantity of players, its about the quality. Thanks everyone for coming and/or watching the stream. I hope to see you guys for the next one.

Very nice run tournament as always MikeG and booty clapper. I didn’t go 0-2 so it was a great tournament all in all for me. Thanks to Min for the Bison advice and for beating me pretty easily on the stream. GG to everyone I played in casuals too. Hope to be at Guard Crush 8.

heh, well i went 0-2, but GG to everyone i played.

Also consider a lot of people have gone back to school.

GS, Art.

This tournament was a CHALLLONGEEEEEEE! Also shoutouts to broken TE’s in the new char tournament. :smiley:

This was my first SSF4 singles tourney, I didnt do as bad as I thought but imma have to step it up. GGs to everyone I played, Blanka and Honda players still make me puke. Good shit to Art winning Rose got some cheap stuff lol, Sanford for being solid like a fuckin brick and Asshol—I mean Evil Rahsaan good shit homie it was good seeing you again. On a side note Rahsaan dont let these smuts mind fuck you, i’ll try not to let em mind fuck me too! hahhahaha

BTW: Guardcrush moment of the night goes to Mike G taunting the Kells, I was poppin mad shit and he gave me the shhhhhhhhh with that taunt lmao. Good shit Mike!

Shout outs to Tonamento fucking up SSFIV now too.

Good shit to the top placers, AuLord taking 5th is nice too.

Art tore shit up last night, goddamn.

Oh yea… Thanks to John and Sandra for letting us take over their shit every other wednesday as well!!! You guys are still the best!

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Mike get back to me please, check your private messages.


THank you Nelson, good to see your name in the standings, ur not a scrub after all. Hmm and ur right fuck these hoes. Highlight of the night goes to mike g taunting and beating the kells shit got he hype. Honorable mention goes to Triforce doing Final Atomic Buster on the train ride home. Shit was epic… thats all i got to say. NYGUAHHH

sup guys, spore the fuerte/juri player from singapore here. just wanna say thanks to the organizers and GGs to all whom i played. was real nice meeting ya’ll, esp andre, aulord, ben fong, mike g etc. ny has a great scene and i’ll definitely be practicing and learning the super match ups and try my best next tourney. peace.

Mike geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Any chance we could get a “characters used” list for top 5?

Grats on another good week.

THAT shit was HILARIOUS… he said clap! Scoop spin around the train pole clap! toss up spin again lol

In soviet russia, pile drive you!

P.S. Nelson is still a scrub

Got it. I wasn’t paying 100% attention to the matches, so I might be missing a character or 2.

YouTube - AkumaHokoru’s Channel

Videos are up.