Guard Crush 7 - Brooklyn, NY - 09/01/10

MikeG, Booty Clappa, Team Sp00ky, and GamePAD Inc. Present…

"Guard Crush 7"
(Bi-Weekly Tournament)

Wednesday September, 1st @ GamePAD Inc.

Super Street Fighter IV on Xbox 360 - $10 Entry
Super Street Fighter IV NEW CHARACTER ONLY TOURNEY on Xbox 360 - $5 Entry
Venue Fee is $10
Pot will be split 70/20/10 between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place respectively

The Live Stream will be brought to you by Team Sp00ky
To donate to Team Sp00ky, go to Team Sp00ky Donation

Live Stream Here

Tournaments will be Double Elimination
Seeded Brackets will be generated through

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Facebook Event Page

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BYOC - Bring Your Own Controller!!!

Where: Game PAD Inc on google maps
6727 Bay Parkway
Between 67th and 68th Street
Brooklyn, NY
Directions by Train/Bus: Take the N train to Bay PKWY in Brooklyn. Walk 2 blocks up the streets. You can also go to MTA Trip Planner to get the fastest route over here

When: Wednesday September 1st
Registration and Casuals Will Begin at 4:30pm.
SSF4 will begin at 6:30pm.
Note: It is very important that people show up BEFORE 6:30. If for some reason you are running late, give us a call and we will put your name in the bracket. Once the brackets are generated, names CANNOT be added!!! OUR TOURNAMENTS START ON TIME!!!
Mike’s Cell: 347 472 2105
Joe’s Cell: 516 652 8223
**GamePAD: 718 837 6604 **


  • Sets will be 2 out of 3 Matches
  • Loser of the previous match may switch characters
  • Loser’s and Winner’s finals will be 3 out of 5 matches
  • Grand Finals are 3 out of 5 matches with the guy coming out of the Loser’s bracket having to win 2 sets and the guy coming out of Winner’s only having to win 1 set.
  • In Grand Finals, if the Loser resets the bracket, BOTH players can pick new characters. Double Blind character/Ultra select is available after the bracket is reset in Grand Finals.

Super Street Fighter IV

  • Singles
  • 2 out of 3 rounds
  • 99 seconds
  • Color 11 and 12 banned
  • Double blind Character and Ultra select are available by request
  • Winner of the previous match may switch Ultra’s but must select his Ultra before his opponent selects his Ultra
  • If a match ends in a double KO where both players have 2 rounds won, both players are credited for winning 0 matches and must restart that match with no one switching characters or Ultras.

Sign me up. And stop putting me vs Chris Hu 1st match every Guard Crush.

=X YO DAMDAI!!! Whatsup with these wierd brackets man???

Yo like 4 gc’s in a row it happened. Oh well. See you there.

So we are now running a NEW CHARACTERS tourney along with the traditional singles bracket. The New Character tourney is only $5 so we can get more people to join. If you guys are into the idea, then let your voice be heard here because Booty Clappa doesn’t think its gonna work(:arazz:BOOOOOO).

Sweet, dudley ftw

new characters that are 5 months old… :tup:

Revival and back from the dead…

I’ll work on a flier soon~

It’s only happened in the last 2, and both were in the 2nd round.

damn back to school for me. If I do come I’ve got to leave early cause the trains take forever at night. good shit MTA.

Hmm I tought CS was coming back. Oh well, have fun guys.

I was just joking as far as saying I always fight Chris Hu. I don’t mind it at all actually. You coming to the next one? We missed you this wednesday what happened?

I think a 5$ random Char tournament is more fun than new char tournament IMO.

You guys need to settle on a second game lol

^ right thuurr

idk man I’ve got bad luck lol

My bad. Didn’t end til 2am last time and I had to be at work yesterday.

Tinshi is having an event with BB next week.

Truth is no one signs up for the other games. =(

Didnt you guys have 16 people show up to BBCS? That’s a decent turnout…