Guard Crush 7 - Brooklyn, NY - 09/01/10

i think having BB helps something for that community. it wont get bigger if no1 holds tournaments for it. plus i dont think you guys would want 40-60 for ssf4 and then 40-60 for BB:CS that would be way too crazy in there anyways

I agree with helping their community. But after what happened last time their attendance might not be as high, if they even come at all. Just like this time Frankie begged us for a while to run 3rd Strike, so we did and only a handful of them actually showed up. In the end i don’t think it’s a problem with us supporting other communities/games but more of their communities/players actually supporting us and their games.

We totally appreciate the feedback and comments them. Keep them up, it’s only going to help us make everything better in the long run.

Relax I plan to make BBCS tonamento free.

But I’m probably running it there that weekend.

2 words to solve your second game dilemma: MAHVEL BABIEEE

I agree with Steve and I’m not even local anymore. MARVEL!!!

Word, but Marvel hasen’t come out yet. Unless you’re talking about that old game, MvC2.

Cotton Candy Blue, that’s all I heard. Marvel :stuck_out_tongue:

We cold do random select SSF4 at a future Guard Crush

that would be god like ill definitely show up for that

I’m a french player and i will be in new york city on september
Can i come to this tourney without my arcade stick ?
(Sorry but i can’t take mine)

you can usually borrow a stick.

I was going to try and make it to one of these before the summer ends and never got to. Now that school’s starting again I don’t think I’ll ever get the opportunity. It’s my Thursday classes that make this a problem. Next semester I’m doing two days a week instead of four.

you’re not the only one. I want to go but with school i can’t make any promises. who knows maybe future events can be thrown in the weekend instead of the weekdays including Fridays.

I agree that if a game isnt being put in gatherings or tourneys then obviously noones gonna show up, but I think what the issue really is- is advertising. Gotta post up on the right forums to get the right community out, BB should be there!

Ummm… Why was Mike banned?

I just realized that too, he prolly inadvertently trolled a thread and god banned. lol


Nonsense. I had to create another SRK account.

Lol Everytime I see Mikeg’s SN it looks like my old clan tag from metal gear online. BKY= Barney Killz You

LOL why would you post that here? Don’t got to post a thread for a tournament that has nothing to do with the games played on someone’s thread yo.