Guard Crush 8 09/15/10 Results

Super Street Fighter IV - 29 Man Bracket

1st - TS Arturo Sanchez (Rose, Dhalsim, Seth)
2nd - EMP Sanford Kelly (Cammy, C. Viper, M. Bison, Sagat)
3rd - Henry Cen (E. Honda)
4th - EMP IFCYipes (M. Bison)
5th - Aquasilk (Zangief)
5th - EMP Evil Rahsaan (E. Honda)
7th - AuLord (Cammy, Cody)
7th - sPaB RoG (El Fuerte)
9th - EMP Lincoln “Dragongod” Morris
9th - EMP Andre “Twisted Jago” Lambert
9th - DS
9th - Andy “Auto-Demon” Liu
13th - Chris Hu
13th - Poem
13th - Wayne
13th - Tinshi

Full Results for SSF4:

Marvel vs Capcom 2 - 9 Man Bracket

1st - EMP Sanford Kelly
2nd - EMP Desmond ?Xecutioner? Pinkney
3rd - Nelson Reyes
4th - MegamanSteve
5th - Law
5th - Alex
7th - Shadow Frank
7th - Matrix
9th - David “JWangSDC” Wang

SSf4 Playlist:
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

Due to request no Marvel vids, you want marvel action gonna have to wait for Season’s beatings.

Thanks for bringing the vids really quickly sp00ky, always appreciate your hard work.

Looking forward to next weeks guard crush. We will be dropping the super counterpick fighter 4 and start playing super street fighter 4. This is how it should have been done since the game dropped. =)

Theres a GC next week? Or you mean week after next?

Wow that was quick. Good shit Vic

And what do u mean no Marvel Vids? Who requested that?

yipes requested it cause of seasons beatings coming up

Thanks everyone for continuing to show that love and support to Guard Crush. The next one, we are lowering the price to $7 Venue and $7 Entry. Also, it is now a character lock tourney, meaning you pick you character and stick with your character.

The week after that. 9/29 is the date.

Good - and nice tourney MikeG, you ran it mad smooth. Great job to Spooky as usual, and for uploading the vids the same night

Thanks again to everyone who comes out to support.

Don’t forget to follow us on facebook at…

Guard Crush Tournament Series

Yeah that’s what i thought, I’ll be in Dallas for work,…but GC 10 i’ll come thru. I like the char lock,…we’ll see how it plays out.

Good shit my dude with that Gief! Its Nelson btw =p

BTW: next time i’ll enter super… gotta hit the lab some more.

This is good shit even though I have nothing to do with this tournament.



i’ve always said that if i ever started running tourneys they would be character lock. this counterpicking BS is at least part of what’s holding the US back and it’s nice to see that a tournament this big (in terms of quality i mean) has the balls to do something about it

good shit art, even better shit mike g

This is news to my ears. I am not a cheap ass or broke, but that was type expensive before.

let’s hope you use that $6 to diversify your bonds! or put that shit in a savings account or something!

Im loving the character lock. Time for people to learn their matchups and play smart

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I actually watched this stream cause i was bored at work. good shit guys, stream ran very good.
also, i am now a Yipes commentary fan :smiley:

hopefully i can catch the next one :slight_smile: