Guard Crush 8 - Brooklyn, NY - 09/15/10 (SSF4 & MVC2)

MikeG, Booty Clappa, Team Sp00ky, and GamePAD Inc. Present…

"Guard Crush 8"
(Bi-Weekly Tournament)

Wednesday September, 15th @ GamePAD Inc.

Super Street Fighter IV on Xbox 360 - $10 Entry
Marvel vs Capcom 2 on Sega Dreamcast - $10 Entry
Venue Fee is $10
Pot for each bracket will be split 70/20/10 between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place respectively

The Live Stream will be brought to you by Team Sp00ky
To donate to Team Sp00ky, go to Team Sp00ky Donation

Tournaments will be Double Elimination
Seeded Brackets will be generated through
Click HERE to pregister for the tournament
If for some reason, there is an issue with Tonamento that it will delay the tournament, then I will switch and run a bracket on Hopefully that does not happen, but I do not want the tournament to be delayed any more like it was delayed last time.

BYOC - Bring Your Own Controller!!!

Where: Game PAD Inc on google maps
6727 Bay Parkway
Between 67th and 68th Street
Brooklyn, NY
Directions by Train/Bus: Take the N train to Bay PKWY in Brooklyn. Walk 2 blocks up the streets. You can also go to MTA Trip Planner to get the fastest route over here

When: Wednesday September 15th
Registration and Casuals Will Begin at 4:30pm.
SSF4 will begin at 6:30pm.
MVC2 will begin at 7:30pm.
Note: It is very important that people show up BEFORE 6:30. If for some reason you are running late, give us a call and we will put your name in the bracket. Make sure the name you give us the name that you use in Tonamento. Once the brackets are generated, names CANNOT be added!!! OUR TOURNAMENTS START ON TIME!!!
Mike’s Cell: 347 472 2105
Joe’s Cell: 516 652 8223
**GamePAD: 718 837 6604 **


  • Sets will be 2 out of 3 Matches
  • Loser of the previous match may switch characters
  • Loser’s and Winner’s finals will be 3 out of 5 matches
  • Grand Finals are 3 out of 5 matches with the guy coming out of the Loser’s bracket having to win 2 sets and the guy coming out of Winner’s only having to win 1 set.
  • In Grand Finals, if the Loser resets the bracket, BOTH players can pick new characters. Double Blind character/Ultra select is available after the bracket is reset in Grand Finals.

Super Street Fighter IV

  • Singles
  • 2 out of 3 rounds
  • 99 seconds
  • Color 11 and 12 banned
  • Double blind Character and Ultra select are available by request
  • Winner of the previous match may switch Ultra’s but must select his Ultra before his opponent selects his Ultra
  • If a match ends in a double KO where both players have 2 rounds won, both players are credited for winning 0 matches and must restart that match with no one switching characters or Ultras.

Marvel vs Capcom 2
Rules coming soon…

You can add people to brackets once tournament starts now, as long as there are open bye slots.

PM with info you want on the flier please.

MVC2 Seasons Beating practice.

These start to late and end even later, had to forfeit my matches last one. Not sure if I can make it.

It was only delayed last time because of Tonamento issues and certain people showing up very very late. Shouldn’t happen again.

This good?

Godlike. If only I could high five you right now. DAMMM.

you spelled Brooklyn wrong. No “N”

Also is there any way you can do something with the text on the bottom? I’m just afraid that when i print it it will be to light. Other then that i digs. Thanks! =D


Why do you guys throw tourneys on wednesdays? O.o

better then tuesday? i dunno. any day we would run it would be a problem for someone one way or another…

well no, i mean tourneys are usually held on wkends right? i mean alot of ppl have work and/or school during the week, wouldnt a wkend schedule net a better turnout?

There are plenty of tournaments in the tri-state area that runs on Saturday. Wed’s is good because there is no other tournaments running on this day for SSF4 so instead of splitting the nyc community up in different tournaments on Sat, it’s easier to have people on one day where only one tournament will be run. And the turnouts for all of the guard crush have been above satisfactory which confirms that Wednesday tournaments are not so bad. It’s a turnout for the younger community that we have in the NYC seen but picking days for a tournament is always going to be a give or take kind of thing.

Exactly. And the tourney usually starts at 6:30/7 so most people shouldn’t have much of a problem making it there on time.

here is the registration page

Guard Crush 8

be sure to sign up if you are coming

Rose FTW


Seems to be just the site. Try again later in the day. I am getting a time out error also. It worked yesterday though.

if you guys haven’t done so already before sure to follow the tournament series on facebook!

Guard Crush Tournament Series