Guard Crush III 07/07/10 Results


Super Street Fighter IV (42-Man Bracket)

1st - Arturo “Sabin” Sanchez (EMP)
2nd - Rahsaan “Evil Rahsaan” Dusuau (EMP)
3rd - Chris Hu
4th - Min
5th - Adnan
5th - Damdai
7th - NerdJosh
7th - GBPoeta
9th - Andre “Twisted Jago” Lambert (EMP)
9th - MikeG "BKBalrog"
9th - Wayne
9th - OJ
13th - Ben Fong (Quit because he had to leave)
13th - Haitian Sensation
13th - TPH TrueHitman
13th - LiquidSRK (The real one)

Melty Blood - Cancelled due to lack of participants

SSFIIT: HD Remix - Cancelled due to lack of participants


good tourny had fun wish I did better but w/e. Will be out to gc iv with some peeps if I am still on the island




Today was pretty decent. Had a 42-man bracket for super just 2 days before Evo. Thank you to all the players who came through and showed support. Thanks to Spooky for providing the stream, I know you’re real busy right before Evo. Thanks to Min, Ben, and John for helping me run everything. I didn’t think Joe(Booty Clappa) not being here would make such a big difference, but DAYUMMM!!! I’m exhausted. Guard Crush 4 is just 2 weeks away. I wanna see everyone there. Lets make this event hype. And GGs to everyone I played.


Damn good shit too all. I got bodied all around in this one. GG’s to all.


Man, I was doin’ ok till i used T. Hawk in my match on TV1 when i DEF shouldn’t have lol. Shoulda stayed with Ryu or used Billy Guile as well. This was my 1st guard crush so you best believe that I’m gonna be coming to these each time they are hosted. I had mad fun today and it was good to meet new people and see some people I haven’t seen in YEARS as well. GG everyone, esp that Vega (claw). See you all on the 21st!

Also I was kinda sad that Melty Blood didn’t have a tournament. I wanted to see some sick matches. HD Remix didn’t really mind however haha.


Good matches to all. Props to Adnan for putting me on blast.


ggs to everyone. rahsaan your blanka is sick. and wayne, I gotta end that losing streak against you. I’ll get you next time =)


Hahaha. Thanks to everyone who gave Mike an extra hand. Shit is quite the effort to run these tournaments to those that are just looking in from the outside. We put a lot of work into these to make sure they run smoothly every other week.

Good shit to all the winners, and good luck at Evo everyone that is attending. Once again, thanks Sp00ky for giving up your time to stream this for us. I know you had to be really busy getting ready for Evo, we couldn’t appreciate it more!

One thing that gets to me though is the lack of entries for other games. Really? No one for Melty or HDR? The way it looks to me is that we should just totally take out side games all together, which is sad. Don’t neglect the games that helped build the community/scene that you are a part of now.


I gotta start playing some real life tourneys, optimum online lag is killing my development, like how late does this run?


The tournament started around 7:10 it ended at around 12 o clock if I’m not mistaken. (I’m probably mistaken).


Melty and HDR didn’t do that. I’m sure they never had a large following. Throw in cvs2 or mvc2 and it might be a different story.


I Believe we had 4 entries for Melty and 4 for HD(5 if you include me)

I think the best thing to do is to move forward with the community. If they don’t wanna play different games, then why force it on them? I think 1 side game and Super is the best thing to do until more games start coming out like MVC3 and MK9 that the community will deff support. That’s when shit will start to get pretty Ridic. Plus, more TVs for Super means it will run a lot faster and smoother, and maybe we could even leave 1 TV on during the whole tourney for casuals, so people don’t have to get so cold in between matches. Hit me up and let me know what u think.


Word. Side games are getting very little entries so I think the tourneys should only be held if enough entrants are in. One extra TV for casuals would be hot too. It kinda sucks waiting like 2 hours for your match with no play inbetween.


fuck super needs to stop killing other tourneys =/


Knew someone would nit pick that. We had Alpha 2, 3rd Strike, and i personally vouched for other games to be brought into the tournament series. This is more what i was referencing too. CVS2 would get no entries, and the same with Marvel. Lack of Melty entries could be just because of EVO, but no one wanted to play HDR? It’s a fundamentals game!

I really got into this to try and give other communities a chance to do their thing. But the lack of support on their part shows me that maybe they dont want it. I don’t even like Super. I was just trying to give back to the scene and help others improve. So if these are going to be nothing but Super Super Super, i might feel the need to step back.


No one says to stop trying other games. I personally know 9 people that would join your BLAZBLUE CS tournaments as soon as that game comes out, just give it time


More like people need to commit to their scene + game.


i’m telling you if the entree fee was lower there is a better chance for more sign ups. i’m not trying to sound like a cheap ass but i don’t see it working any other way.


Nahh, we got the new BlazBlue coming out pretty soon, and people will come play that. Let’s try that out.