Guard Crush III - Brooklyn, NY - 07/07/10

MikeG, Booty Clappa, and Team Sp00ky Present…

"Guard Crush III"

Wednesday July 7th @ GamePAD Inc.

Super Street Fighter IV(360) - Singles - $5
Melty Blood: Actress Again(PS2) - Singles - $5
SSFIIT: HD Remix(360) - Singles - $5

Venue Fee is $5
Pot will be split 70/20/10 between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place respectively

Tournaments will be Double Elimination
Seeded Brackets will be generated through

Where: Game PAD Inc (,+NY+11214&ll=40.614995,-73.993134&spn=0.015051,0.038581&z=15&iwloc=A&cid=4440605814573636083)
6727 Bay Parkway Between 67th and 68th Street
Brooklyn, NY
Directions by Train: Take the N train to Bay Pkwy. Get off on the side that says Bay Pkwy and NOT Ave O. Walk 1 block up the streets until you reach the destination.
Diretions by Bus: Take the B6 to Bay Pkwy and 67th street. Get off the bus and walk 1 block up until you reach the destination. The F Train will bring you to Bay Pkwy and McDonald Ave where you can catch the B6. The D Train will bring you to Bay Pkwy and 86th Street where you can catch the B6 there as well.

When: Wednesday July 7th
Registration and Casuals Will Begin at 5pm.
SSF4 will begin at 6:45pm.
MB:AA will begin at 7:15pm.
HDR will begin at 7:45pm.
Note: It is very important that people show up before the start of the tournament you are going to play. If for some reason you are running late, please give me a call and we will put your name in the bracket. Once the brackets are generated, names CANNOT be added!!! When you show up late, make sure to let me know so we don’t enter your name twice into the bracket
Mike’s Cell: 347 472 2105

Sets will be 2 out of 3 Matches
Loser’s and Winner’s finals will be 3 out of 5 matches
Grand Finals are 3 out of 5 matches with the guy coming out of the Loser’s bracket having to win 2 sets and the guy coming out of Winner’s only having to only win 1 set.

Super Street Fighter IV

  • Singles
  • 2 out of 3 rounds
  • 99 seconds
  • Color 11 and 12 banned
  • Loser of the previous match may switch characters
  • Winner of the previous match may switch Ultra’s but must select his Ultra before his opponent selects his Ultra
  • Before the start of your first match, you may request double blind select. If you do, you both must tell either Me or Booty Clappa your character pick. After, you both then select your character in game, you must then tell us your Ultra selection to prevent Ultra to Ultra counter picking.
  • Winner of a match may switch Ultra’s and can be done after your opponent selects his character, but must be BEFORE your opponent selects his Ultra

Melty Blood: Actress Again

  • Singles
  • 99 Seconds
  • 2 out of 3 rounds
  • Archtype earth banned.
  • Airport + Ryogi stages discouraged.
  • Loser may change character and moon.
  • Winner may change moon if loser changes


  • Singles
  • 2 out of 3 rounds
  • 99 seconds
  • Akuma Banned
  • Loser of the previous match may switch characters
  • HD Remix and NOT Classic Mode

The Live Stream will be brought to you by Team Spooky

Flier by Master Chibi

yo edit the title of the thread to include the date and location

i hope more ppl show up to this. always rly hype

ill be there…if i can’t win a local…y go 2 evo…lol…hopefully i can get my head in tournement mindset…i played like i was playing 5 months into vanilla…

Unfortunately i will be out of the country for this one. But Min has stepped up to give Mike an extra hand running this (thanks again Min!). So please show him the same respect that you guys show us every tournament. But i will still be helping to organize this event up until 6/30 after that please hit up Mike up for any questions or problems as my phone will not be on and i cannot get facebook access in China.

Good luck everyone. Keep coming out, supporting us and Team Sp00ky and we’ll keep bringing you great tournaments.

If I goto evo won’t be here. If I don’t im in there like swimwear. Last minute and I’m still guessing if I am going or not @_@.

Probably be a lot of people leaving for evo either wednesday or that thursday so i don’t expect the turnout for this Guard Crush to be as large as the previous. Either way i hope to hear we get a fairly good turnout.

For real though what side games would you guys like? We’ve tried a couple and get low turnouts. Our average is about 9 entries per side game. If we lowered the entire into side games to $1 would you guys play? I’m just throwing this out there.

I’m gonna try and make it as long as I have the day off from work, I’ll try and get some other people from Danbury to come with me!

Hell Yeah!!!

yo have a side game tourny 1$ for naruto: the broken bond lmao

Hokuto No Ken for the PS2. Random ass games ftw.

No naruto… and i don’t mind running HnK just no one knows how to play that shit. That and lack of PS2 sticks as well. =\

lol I’ll be leaving for Vegas that day so I can’t show up unfortunately.

I’ll see about making a flier.

If you wanna recycle the old flyer and just update all the info, that works for us.

GET HYPE. I gotta see if I can hitch a ride from my friend again lol.

i’m there. going for super and hdr

Please remember that ALL GAME sign ups are with john (the owner) in the front. Just tell him EXACTLY what game you are signing up for though! He puts your name on a list that we then enter into the tonamento. Seeing how this is a seeded tournament it is very important that you enter under the name that you mostly use in tournaments that are run by tonamento. Once the tournament is started we can’t enter names into the bracket. So please call if you are running late. This makes it so much easier on us. As soon as you get to the venue sign up and then chill. Thanks. =D


Tell me if anything needs to be changed:

AWWWWWWWWWWWW i was looking for HnK players at road 2 evo. i brought the game and everything man…

maybe i can make this my first ever Melty tournament…

thanks for coming out last time. nice to see you jersey guys come to to bklyn and support. hope to see you and the rest of NJ at the next one and in the future. good stuff.