Guard Crush Patterns

Here are the ones i use:

(all of these can start with a crossup mk), c.fp, qcf+p,,,,,,,,, c.lp, c.fkxxxqcf+p/hcf+k, c.hkxxxqcb+lp, mp, crossup,, c.lp, c.fkxxxqcf+p/hcf+lk

post yours

how much does each take off from the guard meter? funny sig btw

um, i’m not sure how you get 7 lk’s in there for your second string. unless your talking about running or walking into lk’s, which is too dangerous most of the time.

cr.short, cr.jab, st.short, hcf+lk. should be his most used string. the hcf+k does ridiculous stun.

or you can cr.jab, st.fierce, hcf+lk. that does a decent amount as well.

U can walk with the, ken has a frame advantage after them, so he can do whatever he wants. so basically u do walking lk’s and after a while your opponent tries to hit you, but since kens’s are so fast u end up getting counter hits every time your opponent tries to jab, or c.fierce (with sagat or blanka). the’s r used mostly for pressure and do a decent amount of guard damage