Guard Crush Team Battles 2 Results 7/13

  1. Empire Arcadia (Santhrax, Dieminion, Dragongod)
  2. @ dickwolf (Min, Sabin, Aquasilk)
  3. We are more Chinese ( Hzy, Chris hu, Henry Cen)
  4. Emp Deadly Alliance (Evil Rashaan, Slick Rick, IFC Yipes)
  5. Team Adnan (Adnan, Ben Fong, Autodemon)
  6. unholy Alliance (Chin, Chung, Jeron)
  7. Chinese guys ( Defeetlee, Li! Kevin )
  8. Rush Hour(Rhys, Kevin Wu, Wayne)
  9. Based God Daughter
    9 Team Wamc
  10. Team Air
  11. Team GC
  12. Sic

The End of a "Empire"?

Lols my name isn’t spelled like that Ben :stuck_out_tongue:


Next Level got a buncha killers. GGs.


Holy Crap, results are posted. Thanks Ben!


No Prob I need Guard Crush results 19.


Thanks for keeping your promise Mike G.

The Guard Crush tournament series must be “rigged”. I only say that because Empire seems to always either win or get top 3. It kind of reminds me of the same results as BattleField Arcadia.


so what was the result of this battlefield arcadia?


lol no one showed up


No one shows up because they say I rigged the brackets to make it the only tournaments that Empire wins locally. Which is exactly my point. However it’s not big deal we’ll just keep winning and placing high at Guard Crush and most of the East Coast local tournaments to prepare for the majors. The saddest part is we do it even when we have to play top players 1st round or play against Empire 1st and 2nd round when there are only 3 Empire players in 30 plus men tournaments. Nothing has changed and this coast will continue to be weak as it always has until every fighting member in the Empire is stolen or influenced to leave and join another brand. What amuses me further is when these same vipers approach me face to face and smile or shake my hand asking me how is Empire doing. Thinking I’m not aware of what they’ve asked my players.

Also…let us not forget unlike the community, it was my humility and consideration to want to make the New York scene grow bigger by allowing my agreement with Game Pad to be the sole provider for fighting game tournaments go to the side to allow other New York tournaments to be born. I.E. Guard Crush. It is without a sense of Irony that sharing our agreed venue lead to the BattleField’s temporary end. My only request is that Guard Crush now upholds the responsibility to keeping New York on top and developing more good players outside of the Empire. Time will tell.


Just one thing to say about the brackets, I believe it should ALLWAYS be setup-up as random. I understand that an emp member does not want to face another emp, dmg vs dmg, or what ever team you are part because you play them all the time. But guess what; this is not a major but local tourney. Hey I’m not part of any team, but that does not mean I have close friends in the bracket who I play just as much. Just to get to my point, every player is it’s own. You never see me upset :frowning:

Oh and on a side note evo promises that players are separated in the brackets by their team
So let’s do a little math
128 brackets "I think"
16 players in each bracket to make 2048 players
128 EMP players
128 chances to make top 8 (50%)
Unlike my 1 chance to make top 8 (.39%) just saying
Understand how seeded brackets are unfair to the un-seeded players

By the way, I’m not going against emp in any way and have respect for all players, just giving an example. Emp is winning guard crush because you are the best at the moment on the East Coast.


That’s one hell of a moment.


Was this why you wanted me to post results, so you can pop off at how “godlike” the empire is?


yeah why do you care about results if you posted something like this



What the heck are you talking about? You think that I made the comment to praise our winning? Don’t you get it, I’m being sarcastic. People say that I rig brackets at Battlefield so its the only way Empire wins. So since Empire wins most of Guard Crush then Mike G is rigging the brackets. It’s “SARCASM”. Neither myself or Mike G rig brackets. The TRUTH is people were told not to come to BattleField. I was told this by many people. However that is neither here or there because BattleField is at a end for now. So we’ll just play at Guard Crush where Mike G can keep rigging the brackets for Empire to win. You know…like at Guard Crush 20 where EMP Sanford, EMP DragonGod, EMP Jeron and EMP Dieminion were all on the same side of the bracket. Yeah…Sanford and Dieminion on the same side of the bracket. The same two who win most of the Guard Crush tournaments. See…Mike G rigged the brackets in favor for the Empire to win. (Watch these stupid idiots miss the sarcastic point)

With all of that said, it was a good run for what it is worth. It’s time that I stop trolling back this community or whatever you want to call it. Time to move to the next stage.


This is so far from the truth it’s not even funny. You didn’t allow us to do anything. It was in John from Gamepads best interest to have more tournaments at his venue. You ran Battlefield like once a month, or once every two months. Which was not enough to cater to the growing scene and community. So myself and Mike proposed to him to run bi-weekly events. We didn’t expect it or did we intend to decrease the attendance to Battlefield events.

Also the reason why people stopped coming to the Battlefields events, and we’ve spoken about this in person before with you, Mike, and myself at a GC event last year was when people requested to view the brackets you declined their simple request. I clearly remember you rolling your eyes at us to when we told you it would be a good idea to show people the brackets. Alas people don’t show up to the recent Battlefield events because they are far away. It’s even a struggle to get them to come to Next Level. That’s it. I can’t give you a reason why LI players don’t show other then that your events are poorly promoted.

One last thing. You make it seem to the community that is outside of the circle that the NYC scene is EMP vs everyone else is irritating. There is no conflict between NYC and EMP. Come to an event and see everyone bullshitting, trading strats, and having a good time with EMP members in the spirit of competition.


Sighs…and this is what you did not know Booty Clapper. When you guys asked to run Guard Crush and On Blast at the place I had a agreement with John that only Empire was to run tournaments there. It was exclusive for what we agreed upon and brought business to his store. Yes it is in his best interest to host other tournaments there but he unlike the people in this community had the respect to come and inform me of what was asked of him. So I told him that for the better of his business and the growth of the community that I removed that exclusivity from our agreement. Ask him yourself. Speaking of which I have to call him. I have unfinished business with John.

I never decline anyone from seeing the brackets. Ask anyone that has been at BattleField, because people complained that I was rigging them because “Sanford” would keep winning them I asked the community to view the Brackets before I even started and asked them if they were ok with it and they said yes. That still did not change anything. In these same forums trolls came on a bashed the BattleField promotion and result threads but supported the other tournaments in NYC. Coincidence? or Conspiracy? It doesn’t matter though. As for what I make it seem, you don’t live our lives. Trust me I don’t make anything seem anyway. It is what it is. As for the poorly promoted tournaments in L.I. you have a point but to a degree. My complaint isn’t so much what happens in LI, it’s before that. Way before it.


And who was one of the influencing factor that brought down Game Pad and had their business closed, while making rude remarks at other players at your expense while they participated your Battlefield events to compete. (Absolutely no professional integrity on your part.) Your actions has closed down a venue, employees got laid off, and last a raising family had to recuperate somewhere else due to your business decisions I won’t mention.


Really Ben? The lack of turn out’s at BattleField but the good turn outs of Guard Crush led to John moving? That doesn’t even make sense. Wouldn’t John just terminate his agreement with me and then expand on working with Guard Crush to make a profit? Oh, I get it, you’ll say anything to discredit me. Carry on.

Oh…you got fired because you cursed your boss out and that was because you were on some type of drug that day. Just like you come to Guard Crush on high on drugs last week. Stay in your place.


I love how you act like a victim every single time, online and in person.

No because you still owe him money till this day, and over thousands of dollars was borrowed from the store and you still haven’t paid him back yet because you wanted to be on the WCG reality show, but you fucked up and lost all of that money for traveling expenses. The fact that John is raising a family and you decided to come over and “borrow” some cash after running a few successful battlefield tournaments and then taking back of the profit sharing of the venue disgusts me.
That money isn’t going to be returned.

The fact that you asked me to hook you up with the Qanba representative, an implied commission was agreed upon negotiation and you screwed me over in the end, and looked what turned out, you fucking people over earned you a licensed empire arcadia stick for your little company.

To this day, You still can’t keep your pants down, over a girl, and you still can’t get any ass. I love how you said that you don’t mix business with personal issues, but you do shit out of spite ever since that incident with Persia, and turned me into the scum of the universe in the New York City. I am what I am now, because your actions, and bullshit rumors in the past had the community hate on me for no reason whatsoever. If it wasn’t for you tearing peoples relationship apart, I wouldn’t have been addicted to substances for a year due to your actions. I have been sober for 2 months now and that shit is hard to wean off.

Triforce, you are a fucking snake, a double faced liar, torn people’s lives apart, all at the expense of your entertainment. You’re still a lousy businessman. I can get the NYC scene to back me up on your shenanigans.


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