Guard Crush Team Battles 3 (2v2) Results

SSF4 AE Teams (2V2)

1st - Emp Sanford and Jeron
2nd - Emp Dieminion and DragonGod
3rd - Ribbons and the Wrath (skskskskkskskskksksksk & Poe22222)
4th - Spore and Aquasilk
5th - Next Level (Chris Hu and Henry Cen)
5th - Rico Suave and HZY
7th - Team 7-3 Matchups
7th - F**K AE
9th - Father and Son
9th - Mama’s Boy
9th - Rickshaw Madness
9th - RishBarZombies
13th - TigerSwag
13th - The Revolution
13th - BasedGodlike
13th - Mike U. and Irvine Deveraux

SSF4 AE Japanese Tournament

1st - DragonGod (Ibuki)
2nd - Sanford Kelly (Akuma)
3rd - Chris Hu (Fei Long)
3rd - Dieminion (Guile)
5th - HaloChicken (Oni)
5th - Adnan (Dhalsim)
5th - Poe (Akuma)
5th - Spore (Makoto)
9th - RedRapper (Ryu)
9th - Kyle (Dictator)
9th - Old Blaine (Cody)
9th - Spab Rog (El Fuerte)
9th - Peter Du (Zangief)
9th - AVC (Dictator)
9th - MikeGG (Yang)
9th - HZY (C. Viper)
17th - D (Cammy)
17th - Min (T. Hawk)
17th - Emp Hiro Jeron (Dictator)
17th - Rico Suave (Sagat)
17th - Ty (Balrog)
17th - Mike (Sagat)
17th - General Kills (Sagat)
17th - JY (Chun Li)

good show by sk

where team mamas boy :\

Any footage anywhere?

Good games, had fun. For future reference, SK is fine. People seem to like typing something like “sksksskskskskkksk” instead though lol.

edited. thanks!

Damn, EMP stay winning Gaurd Crush. Congrats, EMP.

I had an awesome time. I’ll admit, it took me a little bit of time to come around to Next Level not because of anything wrong with it but because I loved CF and Next Level is farther away from me, but damn, the extra 20 minutes or whatever on the D is wayyyyy worth it as if I’m being real there are lots of ways in which Next Level is a whole lot better than CF ever was. Almost every person in the store is a moderately serious to ragingly hardcore fighting game player, you pay $10 and can play arcade AE (which I prefer to the consoles) for a freakin’ quarter (man does it feel good to put in a single quarter have “press start” appear!), there are more tournaments that are run extremely well and creatively, Team Spooky streams of course, the projector, and even during a tournament you can play AE or whatever game you want all night as there are so many console stations plus the 3 sets of AE cabinets, no random high school kids popping in or people that want to see the damn chicken, it’s spacious and AIR CONDITIONED… I realize raving about Next Level isn’t exactly on topic, but yeah, with each time I go there I have a better time. Will definitely be at Guard Crush singles next week.

It’s been very rewarding to come to events with more regularity. Great to see the people I know pretty well, to meet a few new people, and to reconnect with a couple more. GGs to everybody in casuals and in tournament. Lots of good sportsmanship and people helping each other out last night. :slight_smile:

Sksksksksksksksksksksksk, your Rose is awesome, and I think we should definitely team up again… Epic match finishes between Ben Fong and Min (damn I wish that had been on stream) and Aquasilk with that PSYCHIC ULTRA as always… Congrats to the teams that beat us, you were just incredibly solid, but Lincoln, no joke I’m going to go learn how to block kunais this week and it’s going to be a whole different experience next time :stuck_out_tongue:

and thanks a ton as always to MikeG, Min, Spooky, the Next Level staff, etc…

Guard Crush 22 Singles! Wed 8/24/11

I was stream monstering this tournament and saw your akuma. Good stuff man. Looking forward to playing you at singles tournament. Congrats to top 3 on both tournaments and good shit on the stream/creeper cam… That shit was mad funny.

Thanks dude :slight_smile: Awesome performance by you at the Samsung thing! It was great chatting with you, and I am also looking forward to getting in some games with you (I will be getting on in a bit here to warm up for today’s Samsung event, so maybe I will see you on).

Are you referring to me specifically doing mad funny stuff on the creeper cam? If so, I don’t remember what it was… it… might have been unintentional hahahaha

Yea goodluck at the Samsung tournament. I was referring to the Tinshi blow up on the creeper cam by Jaha and Art. I did not watch the japanese style tournament so I did not get to see the rest of the funny stuff.