Guardcrush.NET - Reopens!

So yeah for the people who were wondering when it’ll come back, well it’s back.

EDIT: For lazy people, here’s the link:






Back to work for me!!! =) (I LOVE MY JOB!!!):lovin:

Oh yeah people get in your votes to decide whether or not the Melty Blood forum comes back.

Again for lazy people, said poll is here:

Umm why can’t I log in on my account?

…was it deleted or somethinhg?

EDIT:I registered like a month ago under the name Kairi and used it at least twice…but now it’s not in the members list anymore…

I just reregisterd but why was it deleted?

Yeah !

It could be because all people who logged on after Feb 10th have to re-register.

Yep, there’s a cutoff at around mid-Feb and as such some people have to re-register.

Much thanks to Kyoji/Superking? for bringing it back. :lovin: