Guardian Clash - A Journey in progress


A Little about me:

I am an instructor of 3D Animation at Houston Community College and Game Art & Design at the Art Institute of Houston. I also help to make smaller games and apps on the side.

I’ve been playing fighting games since the first Street Fighter and it has always been my favorite genre. My goal is to make the best fighting game possible, which is why I’m currently having the Houston Fighting Game Community help me in this. I am blogging my journey since I have Game Art & Design students who are interested in making fighting games as well. You’ll get to see every trip and screw up, every success and failure. And I plan to have as much fun as I can making it happen.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Larry T. Hendrix


A long time since this was updated. My apologies.

Here’s a clip of Guardian Clash being enjoyed at Comicpalooza in Houston, Texas.

Live video feed coming shortly.


Here’s day 2


Raw Direct Feed from the convention.


Doesn’t look too bad. I like the character models.


wonderful style. i like the simplicity and hope to see it grow beautifully :tup: keep it up


Thank you guys. I will be soliciting the fighting game community on feedback to make the game as awesome as possible. I will be holding bi-weekly play sessions at the local community here in Houston, and the plan is to release a demo to the public once I implement some sort of online and fix the nagging bugs.