Guardian Heroes HD

Just thought I’d create a thread for the Guardian Hero Fans. I’m still looking for a lot more good players to add my friends list. My gamer tag is Xellon so feel free to add me :slight_smile:

The game is really deep. It has a good fighting system going on. A big improvement from the Saturn version. You just have to make sure you set some rules so that the game can be enjoyable and competitive. So if you are going to play this game, make sure you read the rules before joining a game. Otherwise, you will have annoying players who will pick the sky spirits and fly to the foreground and blast the screen all day until everyone is dead.

I’ve come up with some rules that most “good” players I come across accepts or use for themselfs. I got a few in my friends list. I’m still not sure of what further tweaking I should do since I haven’t run into a specific player who has mastered a certain character (such as ud. Super defense but no blocking) Here it is:

1 - The following characters need to have 70% - 87% (the percentage depends on your character level) reduced levels times the current playing level (for example, lvl 200 would be 200 x .87 = lvl 174 or lvl 50 would be 50 x .70 = lvl 35).

Sword Han, Undead Hero, Undead General, Earth Spirits, Sky Spirits, and Super Zur. These characters are over powered. Sword Han for example can do a 10-12 hit combo that waste 800 damage on most people. UD 10 mana consuming ground fire waste over 600 damage as well as the spirits, Super Zurs beam is insanely fast, can be used in a combo and waste a ton on dark frail characters. etc etc hence why I lowered their levels.

I’m thinking it might not be a low enough lvl since I only fight noobs that use sword han, etc.

2 - Disable 2 moves, Nicole’s healing and the G Spirits Barrier. Nicole causes the game to last for eternity + dark characters = dead. Hopefully, they make an update to adjust her healing. I’m not even going to talk about the G spirits…

3 - x 3 mana consumption for spirits and undead hero and general. Reason is because even at 3x, undead can still do his ground fire and it only takes 30 mana. I’m hoping for an update where counters and forcebacks aren’t effected by mana consumption. But right now, magic and force hits does nothing against ud so its fair. Spirits can recover magic crazy fast and they waste a lot. The are resistant to most magic.

Kanon set to x 2.00 magic consumption due to how little magic he takes to do his moves. His ability to regenerate almost guaranteed constant countering too.

Super Zur set to X 2.00 To avoid a constant Throw Beam combo. This is also horrible against Dark Frail characters. His defense against force hits is insane as well. Better have firemagic against him which he isn’t weak to but neither resistant to either.

4- Ban everyone on the bottom row along with Zur, Golden Silver, Royal Knight, Royal Blade, Rebel, Skeleton, Zombie, Royal Purger, and Royal Mage. Golden Siver isn’t a good character. He dies too fast and its almost impossible to kill him. He can’t die unless him and his orbs get hit at the same time which is impossible 1v1. I believe there is a bug that you can do as well… The rest of the characters are just no good.

5- Game rules:

Block Damage is off
Analog Row Movement is off (doesn’t matter anyway)
Flight is Off (due to the overwhelming number of players that abuse it)
Infinite Arial combos is off.
Corpse are on (it was there on the original so why take it away? You can use them for diff strategies too).
Remix enabled
10 min battle
default 2.0 damage
characters are selectable
match type death match
teams selectable
levels selectable
starting positions random

Every other character is fine. There is nothing cheap about the tornado, beams, genjiro’s lightning palm, etc. Use your damn skills to avoid it, counter, or go though some of that crap. And I don’t understand why players keep countering after they get dominated… use it to avoid getting owned.

Well, anyway, let me know what you guys think of these rules and don’t forget to add me.

I’m down add me MRNOTHING23