Guardians of the glass goddess: Phoenix team dynamics thread

Which characters go well with Phoenix?
This question deserves its own thread.

Summery as of yet:
Haggar, Chris, Taskmaster, Sentinel, Magneto, Morrigan, Wesker, Dante, Zero, Akuma, Iron Man, Spiderman, Spencer, Doom, She-Hulk**

So far I’ve been maining Wesker(samurai edge) Morrigan(meter charge) Phoenix(tk shot) and it works really well. Wesker and Morrigan both can play solo and don’t need meter.
Wesker’s assist (hits low) also sounds nice in theory with Morrigans overheads but I’ve yet to find a good setup for that.
I’ll give Chris and Haggar a spin though.

4 minute gap too

Cheater…I wasted time copying and pasting all the quotes :stuck_out_tongue: