Guelph, Ontario here

Hey guys,

I used to live in London Ontario but now moved into Guelph Ontario which is about 20 mins from Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge, 30 mins away from Mississauga, and 1 hour away from Toronto.

I was in a major fighting game drought in London because there was no one there who played fighters, but now that I’m here, I know there are many members near the GTA and Tri-cities areas so it would be great if we can arrange some gaming.

I’m into almost anything fighting by SNK and Capcom, Virtua Fighter and Tekken.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys.

Are you kidding? The legendary JOHNSONS reside in London. When you were living in London, couldn’t you feel their raw power* radiate at you?


Sorry friend, the glad tidings of the Johnsons hasn’t reached me yet.

I do visit family in London almost every weekend though, so it’s not too late I hope.

:rolleyes: They lived in Windsor. :rolleyes:


Just the fact they live in Canada, you can feel that legendary shit in Sauga and right across the country.

When you lived here in London, did you even try making a thread or tried posting in the London ON thread by Tokaro1? :rolleyes: London doesn’t have many quality players, but it does have competition. People here in London are just lazy imo…

I never used to frequent here as much, but now that I do, I am interested.

Good to see another Londoner here, we should meet up sometime, I visit my parents every weekend so I’m sure we can arrange something.

Do they have random Jedi matches in Guelph too?

Yeah, that would be awesome. Add me to your msn and we can set up something whenever you’re in town :tup:

Not quite as random as your avatar. :rofl:

I could make the 1 hour trip to London every once in a while to play you guys.

Istvan, post up and let these guys know what’s good.

Good to hear you’ll be joining us Josh :tup: We need someone to kick the scrubbiness out of us :rofl: I’ll make a new London thread if more people come out of hiding.

Ha nice, that sounds good JED…Brantford eh? How’s the competition there?

It was just lovely.

That is until my younger brother joined the army and is now aiming to kick some serious ass IRL.

So that’s it for Brantford, unless there are some unknown sekret players lurking in the shadows. Then again that’s South Western Ontario for you.

Yea, we 2D fighting game players are the rare breed here, in London, there used to be my bro and I who played shit out of SFA2 about 10 years ago…but then he moved to Fergus and I sold my Saturn. Then came a time where a college buddy and I played the shit out of Garou and NGBC, but then he moved to Calgary.

We are few and far in between…hopefully this thread can bring more people out of the woodworks.

So what games do you play?

OMG you play GAROU? YAY! AND NGBC? YAY! I’m not good with combos but I need somebody to play anyways.

I played the heck outta A2 a few months ago on GGPO as well so I can play that.

Edit: yeah so whenever you guys wanna get together I’m definitely down for it. I drive btw.

In Waterloo we play… 3s. Only 3s. God help us.

We usually arrange to play casuals on-the-fly via MSN. But if you want to join us sometime, we can probably fix a date and time ahead of time. I’m free every day, mike is here Monday-Thursday, and I’m not sure when anyone else is typically free.

We also have one of the highest concentrations of Arcana Heart players in Canada (a whole 2!) :wink:, so you can learn that here if you’d like. Ideally you’d want to learn at the same time as someone else, though, since it’s more fun that way.

As for other games, I don’t know anyone who’s a big fan of SNK, Tekken, or VF here. I can kinda play Brawl, CvS2, and ST. And I think strakka knows how to play Guilty Gear. Personally, I’d enjoy playing something other than 3s for a change, even if I suck at it. :wink:

If you’d like to join us sometime, let us know in the KW topic. :tup:

Dy-Ergile and I just had a 3 hour session in 3rd Strike and Alpha 3 earlier today. Lots of learning on both sides and lots of fun :)…Good games man.

I wish you could have made it JED07, hope you feel better.

Bill307: Waterloo is only 20 mins away, you can count me in when I finally fully move into Guelph. I’ll play anything. I’ll keep you guys posted.

Wow I’m really popular after all. Yes I used to live in London for a few years but it wasn’t working out well over there for us so we moved to Windsor. I used to play in the arcade downtown where there is a CIBC bank or TD bank besides it and plus the walk-up Burger King right beside it. I used to play at that arcade as well but the other arcade closed down before I moved here and there wasn’t much left in London to play with. I usually play against these Korean guys who used to come over there all the time but I kicked their butts like crazy especially in MVC2. I wasn’t too good at 3rd Strike that time but since it came out for PS2, I can beat anybody now. If you think I’m now good at 3rd Strike on XBOX360, try me out on PS2. I can parry like crazy and I can beat alot of good people. So if you want to play me offline, try me on PS2.

I live in Windsor now and I live near the river where you can see Detroit. Just like in London, there is NO competition here AT ALL. It’s worst than London and it’s a shit hole here. I wish I was in London because I know there are people over there like Dy-Ergile who I like to be friends with. Me and you can play really good matches. It takes about 2 hours to go to London and 2 hours to come to Windsor. If you can’t make it, what’s your gamertag on both systems? Give me a friend request if you’re online. Hope that’s cool.:tup:

I can’t come to Toronto all the time because I live about 4-5 hours away and it’s not easy for me to come all the time cough gas but we will be there for TX and we are also going to Las Vegas next year for EVO 2009. I’m already started saving up for both events. We might even check out Los Angeles if we have time. Next year is going to be awesome for the Legends.

Iron Sheik, you should come to Windsor and we play all day long at my place if you like. I can come to Guelph sometime too. It’s about 3 1/2 hours away from Windsor and I live in the tip of Windsor. If you can’t come, what’s your gamertag? I have a PS3 and XBOX360 so I don’t mind playing on both systems. My gamertag is right under my avatar. I’m into every fighting game as well like Street Fighter, MVC2, Tekken, Virtua Fighter, Soul Calibur and Smash Brothers for the Wii. After fighting games I’m into Castlevania, Mega Man, Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, WWE and TNA wrestling games, Gears of War, Turok and Final Fantasy RPG’s. I have a ton of games. Anyways if you are in Windsor, come and visit me if you want. I’ll play with you all day. Give me a friend request anytime. Thanks.:tup:

BTW GTA, I know you don’t like me and like it or not, I like you guys. I sometimes get mad at you but actually you guys make me laugh.:rofl: If you beat me the way you can, then I will say that you guys are awesome. Until then, I want you to try me. I’m getting good at Soul Calibur IV and Tekken 5 so I’m going to be hard to beat. I’m going to practice 3rd Strike and Street Fighter IV when it comes out. I’ll see if I can come to other tournaments before TX but we’ll see. Anyways, I’ll see you online and try your best. Thanks.:tup: