Guelph thread


Hey everyone

I’m a student at the University of Guelph looking for people to play Marvel vs. Capcom 3 with. I know there are places in a short distance drive but i dont have a license or a lot of money to get there. I’m definitely a competitive player and looking for other competitive players to hang out with.

Reply if interested.


I have myself and another friend who are looking for the exact same thing. Can’t say we’re very good (at all), but we’d love to get a few more people in our circle of players.


I play MvC3 and SSF4. I don’t know too many Guelph players other than myself and a few people who away at school, or who don’t play competitively, so I go to the Kitchener/Waterloo scene.


I think Nilo should drive you guys to Waterloo sometime…:slight_smile:


Suggestion for trying to setup something like this:

If you’re looking for good offline competition, you’re going to have to open a venue up. Easiest way to do this of course is inviting people to your own house/room. It’s not easy to invite strangers, but if you don’t, you’re going to have a group of people talking about meeting up, then never having it actually go down (especially if you don’t drive).

So if you’re looking for good local comp, perhaps choose a day and say “who would be interested in coming over for some MVC3 casuals this upcoming Friday”.


Totally not SF related but I went to Guelph for the first time last week for St.Patties and damn… parties in Guelph r fucking crazy good. If I went to Guelph I would be failing so hard.


Yes and if anyone needs a ride for Sunday casuals in KW, PM me. I can’t make it out on the Wednesdays due to work.


Thanks for the advice DaDesi…

On that note who wants to come hang out at my room at the university for some marvel this weekend? lets say sunday perhaps?
It’s be awesome if we could get a scene going.


Around what time on sunday would you say??


Ya thats basically all that guelph is good for…we have like 3 different irish bars within 2 minutes of each other…then the other bars and clubs are just stupid all over again…
If youre looking to get drunk cheaply and meet easy white chicks who are prolly failing because of the reasons mentioned above definitely give guelph a shot…

otherwise guelph sf and fighting game scene generally blow balls…


@rodstarrr thats why i started this thread.

@El-nilo. how does 5 in the afternoon sound?


why dont u guys just come to loo on sunday instead?


Yeah dude, I’ll drive you down to waterloo if you want. Just pm me your contact info.


I cant make it to waterloo. I have no car, almost no money, and even less time being a university student and all. thats why i want to get some people together here so i have people to play.


he is offering you a ride lol

if you want to get better at the game, you should definitely check it out. hope to see you guys on sun.


I work this sunday night and wouldnt make it back in time. Some other time I’d gladly take you up on that. Would anyone like to get together in guelph next week and play some casuals?


@el-nilo would you be able to give me a ride to waterloo next sunday? I’m free then but not again for a while.


Sure dude. Just tell me where to pick you up. Casuals usually start at 6 in Waterloo.


You know the university? I live in south residence, so if you could met me at one of the parking lots there thatd be awesome.


Shit… I just realized I have some family stuff to do. Gonna be in brampton. Can’t drive you out to waterloo next sunday. Sorry dude.