Guess That Game/Movie/TV Show/Anime [MS Paint Edition]

:wonder: The mix your favorite fighter with your favorite movie thread boiled over, so here’s my next attempt at a game using images, and it’s one with much less effort involved!

You draw a shitty picture in MS Paint, much like my shitty picture here:

Who guessed it first: MagnetGenocide

The people afterwards try to guess what anime/movie/TV show/game it is, and also have the option of posting their own. Once someone gets it right, edit your post and write who got it first!

Mine’s pretty obvious… soooo… whoever sees it first is going to get it pretty much.

This takes like no time, and it’s just funny to look at someone’s horrible MS Paint attempts (I’m the king of shitty MS Paint). Have fun and stuff, hopefully some of you take a whack at drawing your own pieces of shit to challenge the king of shitty MS Paint.

Super Smash Brothers (N64)

This sounds like fun. Old picture I did:

Way too obvious…

Guessed by: MagnetGenocide

Initial D???

In case Initial D isn’t right, I’m going to say Wangan Midnight… but it’s gotta be Initial D :B

Inspector Gadget or SPeed Racer?

Level One…

Who guessed it right: epp1e

Answer: Pac-Man

Now for level two…[evil laugh]

This one is tricky…

Sas: Pac-Man or a huge glitch in the Simpsons game
MagnetGenocide: MvC2, since in MvC1 Cyclops was an assist character I think… my memory’s fuzzy

it could also be xvsf

Yeah, I was leaning towards that more because it was 1v1, but I don’t remember Megaman being in it >.>


Who guessed it first: SaikyoticAlx

Who guessed it first: SaikyoticAlx


  1. Shadow of the Colossus
  2. Pokemon…

Level Two

Who guessed it right: SIMPLY_HUGO

Answer: Metal Gear

i know mines hard…cause i cant draw good

Contra, smash tv?

^Sonic the Hedgehog?

Level Three

Who guessed it right: Component

Answer: God of War

Whew…that was a mind bender I guess…

Man I have no mouse control, I’d never be able to draw in MSPaint like you guys. I need to get myself another Wacom.

Sas: Sly Cooper?

sonic is right sas im gonna guess your is metal gear?

1st picture = Flow
2nd picture = Reborn (Katekyo Hitman)?

Frick! Your level 3 looks so familiar Sas… but no names are popping up in my head!

And SaikyoticAlx takes both!

epp1e: Try CTRL+PAGE DOWN. Then CTRL+PAGE UP to see your progress. That’s what I do for most MS Paints.

SIMPLY_HUGO got it right. :tup:

SaikyoticAlx-Geezus…that was like a level INFINITE for me. :wonder:

Who guessed it first: SaikyoticAlx

You’re fuckin amazing if you somehow guess this one… considering how badly it’s drawn.