Guess the 4 DLC characters in MVCI Deluxe Edition!


The MVCI Deluxe Edition includes 6 DLC characters which 2 have been revealed in the name of Sigma and Black Panther.

But who could be the 4 DLC characters, which means 2 from Capcom and 2 from Marvel.

Any guesses?


My guesses are:


Venom - because of the venom monster on the MVCI trailer
Storm - first x-men character and Black Panther’s pair. :slight_smile:

Amaterasu - because she’s too awesome not to be included right away
Viewtiful Joe - he’s been partnered to Amaterasu in one of the MVC3 trailers.


Lady - Cuz more females are needed. And Dante’s rocket launcher moves are missing. She gave him that rocket launcher.
Monster Hunter (Female) - Cuz in Story mode like BP

Venom - Technically he’d also be all-new since its his first time in 3D
Scarlet Witch


Winter Soldier, Venom

Lady, Monster Hunter


Ingrid definitely


We already know three of them, Hunter, Winter Soldier and Venom, my last guess is Captain Commando.


Black Widow?


Well the zip leak gave us three Marvel characters assuming they’re not NPCs, Black Panther, Winter Soldier and Venom. If the zip leak continues to hold true then the only thing we need to consider is the identity of the mystery Capcom character.


Well if classic Venom can be considered “all-new” then Captain Commando certainly has a shot. My guess, however, is Asura.


People were saying… no sorry that was Max, I’ll shut up.


I love you answer a lot! :slight_smile:


Venom and Winter Solider

Monster Hunter and Lady (DMC) or Asura (Praying)


They should reveal at least one character per week starting this week


Winter Soldier and Venom

Monster Hunter and Amaterasu