Guess the Character/Game Sprite thread

No, this time, I’m not pixelating and blowing them up. Like RedSpencer’s guess the screenshot thread, the source is always

All ya gotta do is right click save a picture, crop out a certain character sprite or object (whether it’d be bosses, items, enemies, players, cut scene sprites and other stuff)with MSPaint and post it, and somebody guess what character it is andwhat game it’s from (or either one is alright.)

I’m a start with some easy ones.

EDIT: I changed a picture.

Here’s a tough one


It’s the punching game, ugh I forgot his name. You had to punch the mat really fricking hard. Argh!!


Evil-Ken’s is IceMan. duh!

hahahahahahaha! YAY! I tricked you! It’s actually a silver surfer. Here is his full sprite with the board.



DAMN IT!!:mad:

think you can guess what this one is.

Sonic Blast Man. I remember breaking my hand when I punched that mat really hard. I was 11 years old trying to be like the big guys that hit the mat so hard the sound startled a few people.


That first one is Shadow Dancer.

That’s Dracula’s final form in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon.

Here’s one, from a game I’ve been playing a lot recently.

Is that Wild Arms? Sure looks like it.

Sorry, not Wild Arms. I know what it is, but I’ll let you guys figure it out (I was watching Alpha make the screenshot). :smiley:


how about this.

That’s from Shadow Dancer.:smiley:

Come on, Gimpy, have some coffee or something…reaction time like that will get you killed at C-GOD’s place in a few weeks :wink:

Re: Re: Guess the Character/Game Sprite thread.

:smiley: I got it right!:lol: :lol: :lol: When I first saw the post I just posted, hoping I could get something right instead of looking thru it.:o

Since nobody’s guessed it yet, I’ll just put the answer: It’s Ratix, the main character of Star Ocean. Not Star Ocean 2 on PS1, the SNES original.