Guess the Video Game Screenshot Thread, Part 2


Aight. This’s part 2 of the screenshot guessing thread. Just simply post a screenshot and somebody’ll guess what game it is.

Like the other one, the source is


Video Game Screenshot

Here is my pic. the only hint im giving is its a NES classic.

Its a relatively famous game.


Video Game Screenshot

River City Ransom?

Metal Gear ain’t got shit on this game.



FireisWet - 1

everyone else = 0

damn dude, wtf is that? give us a hint which console is it on? thats HELLA HARD!:mad:


Noone will get this. It’s a NES game.


Space Invader?


Turbo Grafx 16, which I actually owned (the console AND the game) so I have the right to post it :stuck_out_tongue:


Isn’t that Gyrus?



FireisWet - 1
cham_13 - 1
me = 1

everyone else = 0

Damnit cham you beat me to it!
btw FireisWet damn dude that game is still hella hard to find. im literally looking at all the pics. jeez



Here lets get the ball rolling

Hint : SNES game.







Jurrasic Park?


zaxon and flashback


you got one of em:flashback



FireisWet - 1
cham_13 - 2
me = 1
Evil = 1

Everyone else = :lame: ( 0 )


Alpha Mission not Zaxxon.

BTW thought I’d bring something up, if you hotlink a screen, it’ll give the answer when someone quotes off of it.

PS Even though I knew what the game was I saw the name Alpha Mission in the IMG Code



FireisWet - 1
cham_13 - 2
me = 1
Evil = 1
Famicom = 1

Everyone else = ( 0 ) :lame:

guys when you post, can you put what system it is, so others can verify it easier. thanks

and famicom sorry i kinda took over your thread. :smiley:


Actually man I’m sorta glad you did. :smiley: Thought it would get over shadowed and then be 4 pages behind in days. Good lookin’ out.


Heres another one.
Hint: Sega genesis. and almost all of us here at shoryuken has em.