Guess What i Got

so i was playing marvel a few days ago against the cpu. and it picked matrix. i thought this was totally badass so i took a picture with my cell phone. does anyone care? i personally think its a badass picture but i dont know if anyone else would. i’d upload it but then i’d hafta probably pay some fees for messaging the picture. should i upload it or maybe this isnt as cool as i thought.


lol… i also did that a few months ago. got a picture of msp, santhrax, scrub etc…

gonnorhe…oh…yeah, cool…lol

aids? the craps?..crabs…? oh my bad i didnt read your post lol


Oh no, he’s got cancer :sad: … never mind, misread post :wasted:


once the computer played capcom/cable/sentinel in that order lol i think that was that best computer team.

i think the way it is programed u will never see mag/storm/psylocke

i seen mag/storm/servebot a few cyclops sent combinations. ironman/machine but thats about it

that happens every day to everybody.

you fail.