Guess what?

I got bant :sad:

No shit. Unfunny troll is unfunny.

whoa what. why would you do this to me.

Tell us whose alt you are tho

Curiosity’s killing meeee

so predictable dude…i was actually hoping you made a game too even if it did hilariously suck. You just wasted a lot of your life setting this up and for what? to entertain us? You should just be a pro wrestler.

in before the lock?

btw most obvious troll in the world.

Your game sucked anyway compared to Tekken 6 BR.

Are you guys being serious.

It’s funny when you see the regulars try to troll here because it just involves them hitting the bong and posting like fucking retards. Granted they probably make retarded posts on their main accounts, so whatever.

holy s#%@$!!!

what just happened??? a host of threads got locked up. i can understand, with everyone trollin n gnomin…

but my threads were good!..

and not created for troll purposes…and only a few people trolled on my threads. posts barely got off topic…

my “whats your favorite anime fighting game” and “whats your favorite 2d non boss fighter”, were good threads! ----imo.

if this is the fighting game discussion…how, what, why? what? how do my threads not belong at this board?


i guess i should the stickys again…maybe i missed something.

to thread creator

sorry for going off topic at your thread dude to post my dumbfoundment.

you know, I should’ve banned you first, before you posted this obviously epic revea-O WAIT NO ONE CARES.