Hey all… well im going to go to Evo east since its so close to where i am…

Now heres the situation i have been playing fighting games since i was introduced to street fighter 2 championship eddition at an acade

so its been a decent amount of time in which i have since play every street fighter/ capcom fighter aswell as fighters from other companys.

the thing is i can pull off any move without batting a lash . that being said
i would mostlikely be slaughtered by any really dedicated top players…

i can do combos on a very basic level… and while i can man handle the pc i dont have much human comp…

so i dont expect to be street fioghter guru or even top player level anytime soon…i wouldnt mind a point in the right direction of improving my game…

so basicly im a above average player but still far below top tourny players…

my fav games are super turbo and 3rd strike but i enjoy just about any 2d fighter like cvs2 and what not… thanks for reading


what what? lol seems pretty straight forward other then a couple spelling errors

Here’s a guideline to getting better:

  1. Find some local players. Go to Regional Matchmaking. Make some friends.
  2. Read strats on the games you wanna play seriously. It’s easier to get introduced to a game that the local scene plays seriously. This helps alot.
  3. Never, ever make introduction threads.
  4. Have fun at evo, don’t take the assbeating too seriously. Show respect, never get too angry, and get drunk with the top players. In fact, pay for their drinks to get on their good side. :wink:
  5. Have a nice day.

Nice thanks for the advice…also most of my fighting games are on the DC oneofmy fav systems. however i have alot of fighters for ps2 i still playmy DC most…are the ps2 fighters better version of the DC fighters like 3rd strike for example or are they the same? whats the best version to dedicate your time to?

The only good (faithful to arcade) games to play on DC are:
And SSFIIX (Not sure about that)

Rest is on PS2.

Sweet thanks

No, it’s just that it wasn’t really going anywhere. It’s clear you were trying to ask for some help but it was a bit like: Hi, I’m Cape. I like walks in the park and Hadouken.

With no extrapolation.

Not to mention the complete absence of a question mark.

Ok so? you got the point… im not sure i see what the big deal is…some one got the gist of it and was actually helpfull… so thanks for your 2 cents i guess.

also though it appears to have been lost on you. i was trying to give a bit of background so anyone who decided to actually help would know my skill level or lack there of.

I sure as hell didn’t.

Find comp. Find what games the comp. plays. Find info on said games. Practice. Profit.

No, the most accurate version today is CCC2’s ST.
Even though there’s some weird emulation glitches.

CvS2 on both the DC and PS2 are very good ports of the arcade version.

The only difference is that the PS2 version runs at higher resolution, but both games are completely identical as far as i know. Tourneys favor the PS2 version, btw.

And oh yeah, Super Turbo should be played on PS2 (Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 2)…or if you can’t seem to get your hands on that, play (gasp) SFAE (from the Anniversary Collection) until you get a copy of ST.

I’ve you have an xbox/xbox360 i’d pick up a copy of AE or HF and play online. Yes, playing online isn’t the same as playing offline. But it’s a hell of a lot better to play against real people instead of the computer. Have fun at EVO!

hey thanks alot everyone. i really do appriciate it

im happy this guy wasnt so heavily flamed

good luck man :tup:

if the connection is OK to good then yes

have u been to EVO before or any other tourneys? cuz u sound like this is ur first time.

then if it is ur first time then listen to me very carefully. go there only to watch and not sign up for anything if u are considering of competing, it is very important that u do that. even if it is only once a year, just see what u’re up against, that way u’ll know if u got what it takes.

enjoy Evo east.


thanks… yeah its my first evo but im going to play… i fully expect to get beat up pretty good… but the thing is im not going to bitch and moan im expecting it…
i mean im not completly useless im decent at these games ive been playing them for years…

and i do get human comp its just not a great amount… but i play online via mame and stuff and i do well. and i have friends that do play i beat most of them…

i know im not top tourny level but i wanna play have some fun… i can have fun even if i lose… and ofcourse ill do a good deal of watching while im there.

so yeah im gonna go play get beat up may win a match who knows. its still a month away so ill get a hefty amount of play time in with a couple friends who are goin too before hand…

im checking out alot of presvious tourny videos too…

again thanks everyone

this is fucking bullshit