Guide Button Help Please :)


Soooo, I had the guide button soldered perfectly, but I accidentally pulled the wire off when trying to move some wires…

Now the gold trace where you usually connect the guide is gone… I heard you can scrape another part away, but idk…

[S]Any suggestions?[/S]

I think I got it… I just need someone to confirm what’s happening is supposed to happen…

I plug into my Xbox 360… "… the LED’ blink a couple times and the Player Indicator LED light up (on the xbox360 PCB). If I press Guide… it “turns off” the controller… If I press it again, it “turns on”. But no Guide Menu…

How do I get the GUIDE MENU to come up?? Usually, with a wireless controller, I just press the guide button… also I’m using imp v2 and mc cthulhu… thanks guys


Can you see the trace’s path? Scrape over it to reveal the copper, solder to the trace, once you know it’s good hotglue it where it sits. I did this before on a fightpad I tore a trace from, it worked but it was really hard to solder to, you don’t have much surface area soldering to the trace like that.

Alternately, expose the copper, use a multimeter and probe the board to possibly find another place where it goes.


I did scrape it… right above where the original trace is… if you scrape right above it… there’s lots of metal to connect to… I’m just unsure if it’s CORRECT because of the way it’s behaving (not bringing up the Guide Menu… but properly turning on and off the controller… so I’m a bit confused. Anyone?


Anyone have any insight as to if my guide is functioning properly


Well, it’s pretty obvious that your Guide button is NOT functioning properly.
Otherwise it would, you know, actually open the guide button.

Sounds more like you shorted it out with something else.
Some clear pictures would probably help people help you troubleshoot.


I see… I thought i had it cuz it turned the controller on and off. Ill try to take a pic when i get home…



as you can see… I soldered directly above it… i scraped at pretty much the whole left side of that white circle… I couldn’t find ANY metal there… Idk if I scraped too hard and it’s gone… but I couldn’t find it, other than the microscopic tiny trace line… I couldn’t find the alternate signal point :confused:

However, directly above the spot I was supposed to connect it, had lots of copper… so I figured that connected to the guide signal point. lol… wtf…

this is so lame lol


“lots of copper” sounds like you soldered to the ground plane. Maybe something like, you’ve overlapped solder onto part of the guide trace somewhere, when you plug in the stick Guide is held down and turns the system on, but since the Guide trace is shorted to ground, Guide never turns off, pressing it again doesn’t do anything. Maybe. I don’t actually own a 360 so I’m only speculating and going by what little experience I have with them.


Well, last night… it was just sitting there… then I’d press it and it would blink the controller off, now it’s not doing shit… hmm… I’m going to desolder it and take another picture


damn the picture really makes it look fucked up…

idk wtf to do now, seems like the metal strip I had soldered to before, is gone now… grrrreat…


imma just say fuck a guide button :slight_smile:


How are you lifting so many traces? Are you using tons of heat or letting the iron sit for really long or yanking at the wire when you remove it?


lots of scraping, then finally lots of trying to suck up every bit of solder…

like I said, the picture makes it look horrendous, I think it’s partly the lighting…


Get some 30 gauge wire and solder to the black blob

It has happened to me before and it was during a tournament
It is not a fun problem to trouble solve

You will need flux, and patience.


Yeah, you probably soldered the wire to ground.
On a slightly-related side-note, it might benefit any future mods of yours to get some more soldering practice.

If you’re using an Imp2 and an MC Cthulhu, you can always use the “Start+Select=Home” function, and forego the separate Guide button entirely…


Won’t that only work for the non-360 side of things? It still needs to connect to guide to pull it low when S+S is pressed.


solder here instead:


Oh wow… that is a way better soldering point in the first place, if you ask me.


lol wow… thank you Vicko… that is way easier :slight_smile: