Guide: How to put art under clear Seimitsu buttons


Those are Seimitsu PS-14-K. There are PS-14-GN (clear) also which have a clear button center but solid colored rims.


Which we now have in 30mm and 24mm white, btw…




that is EXACTLY how I did mine. I was somewhat worried about random fuck ups but satisfied with the result. check it out


awesome stick


Very nice tutorial

I was wondering if the clear happ buttons work the same way? I keep going back and forth on wether to use them or not on my stick I’m getting ready to do. Also could i buy a set of clear and a set of black and mix them together? So I could have a black ring around the clear button with the art in it


Happs don’t work that way, sorry. Only the Seimitsu buttons have the inner plunger to hold the artwork in place.



Damn…I made a thread here a week or so back and I was told happ buttons hold the art -_- oh well its disapointing that they don’t do it but its good to know before I order them. I’ll go with solid black instead thanks


Do PS-14-KNs work for this?


yes, I wouldn’t see why not.


Great tutorial, I always thought the process was something like that.

Might have to do something like this in the future.

For sticking the insert in the button, might I suggest using thin double sided tape. At least then it’s not stuck for good and could be removed if ever you want to change the artwork.


Yep, I used them on my stick. Pic is not great though.


Thanks, Glory and Prodigy. :slight_smile:


Haha I was thinking of using that exact art on my brothers stick.


You know, I have happ buttons on my arcade cabinet that have art inside the plunger.
Sadly, I do not recall how I did it.

Seriously, I forgot. :sad:


:bgrin: Yeah that guy has made some serious artwork. Would love to see some of the other SF4 ones of his on some customs!


where do you get the plexiglass circles?


Those are inserts that they sell. You can actually put artwork in Happ Buttons as well. you just need to cut out the art small enough to fit inside the button. It would work best if you could cut out a small piece of plastic to go in there as well.

To the best of my knowledge Happ only makes Concave clear buttons though and those aren’t very comfortable to play on for extended periods of time.


Arcade Stick Art

This might sound like noob question…because it is lol, but I have some quick questions reguarding the art portion in custom sticks.

Are you guys using home printers to print out the artwork, or are you going to pro print shops? What paper is best to print on for quality/durability etc. Do most people laminate the art and then cut and lay it down on these sticks?:confused:

Ive been ravaging the net and these forums because it looks like I might be gettin into custom stick building HEAVY. This is one of the few questions I can’t seem to get any answers for. Places like Joysick Vault have fantastic pictures of what other people have made, but they give little info there.

Anybody got any answers? Much appreciated.


If your printer can handle the required size and you are putting plexi over the top a home printer with plain old A3 or A4 paper will be fine. The artwork I used to have on my first custom stick (a few posts up) is now on my Norris Arcade Stick which I printed on A4 at home.


I’m considering taking the art-in-button route with my next stick project, but I’m not quite sold on the prospect yet for a variety of factors. The biggest one is that Happ Competitions are my favorite kind of button. Happ does not sell transparent ones, and I’m not a terribly big fan of concave buttons anymore. I could just use Seimitsus, but they cost double the price of a comp button, and I’m told that they’re somewhat less accomidating of rough play styles like mine. I definitely know from first-hand experience that I dislike Japanese sticks, but I haven’t had enough long-term experience to make any calls on the buttons.

Then, I saw these Chinese Competition knockoff buttons at Lizard Lick… On the surface, they look pretty much the same as a competition button, except transparent and slightly shorter (only available in colors, sadly, but I could live with that). The big thing that worries me though, is would I be taking too much of a gamble using Chinese parts instead of authentic Happ ones? I mean, in theory there’s not much to screw up with microswitch buttons… There’s just the tube, the plunger, a spring, and a cherry switch. But at the same time, it might be made of some cheap-ass plastic that’s just going to break in 3 years. Has anyone had any experience with these Chinese buttons before, and are they an adiquate substitute for the real Happ competition buttons? Or am I better off just shelling out for Sanwa buttons or skipping the art-in-button feature altogether?