Guide to cleaning up your Windows folder and making it smaller :)

It’s pretty nice.

I wiped a gig and half out of my Windows folder. Didn’t delete system restore, because I mod things, I NEED it, and I didn’t delete all the drivers folder, but everything else is gone, and it works fine :slight_smile:

ill try that at home
thanks mixah :tup:

With hard drives reaching up to 500GB to even 1TB, I hardly see the need to have a smaller WINDOWS folder. I usually have it on a large partition anyway (30GB) just for buffer purposes.

However, if by removing all that crap does actually make my computer noticeably faster, then I would probably try it out. But, if I ever feel the need that my Windows isn’t working as good as it used to be, reformat is the God of all godly techniques.

My windows boots up in about 15 seconds after the black windows screen comes up, after doing that.

Sort of along these lines here is a simple guide I wrote up at work one day for all the end users to increase their Virtual Memory and help manage temp files.